December 14, 2012

A photo + Friday Features

Another all-time favorite photo. This session, this family, this picture - they just make me happy! I love to capture real emotion and relationship. Such a sweet little daddy-daughter combo, eh?

On an unrelated note, I wanted to shout out to The World Needs More Love Letters. Today is the last day to participate in the 12 Days of Love Letter Writing, and though I didn't get to document my letter writing this year, I still plan to write a letter to Justin today. This is such a wonderful and easy thing you can do to touch someone's life this holiday season. Check it out

And now, for today's featured sponsors!

* * * * *

Franish is a blog by a Midwestern girl named Franziska. Beautiful name, right? Franziska works in a laboratory all day, but beneath that white lab coat lies an impeccable fashion sense that Fran shares with us daily on her blog. I love that she always provides links to her pieces or at least similar ones - here's one of my favorite posts about styling one item four ways. (you also get a peek at her med school man in that post - cute li'l couple!) :)

* * * * *
I absolutely love the premise of the blog Tales for Karina Marie. Emily, the blog's author, created the site in dedication to her best friend (Karina Marie) who passed away in 2011. Besides just a sweet and symbolic way to keep Emily's best friend updated on life below, it's also been a fun place to document personal style. Emily is an absolute sweetheart here in blog world, so go get to know her and follow along. 

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Happy Friday...


  1. i just found Franish recently. i love her blog too!

    and that picture, what a great moment to capture! love it.

    have a great weekend!

  2. What a fantastic photo!

    xo, Kenzie

  3. Gorgeous photo!! Also thanks for introducing two awesoe bloggers! Off to follow them now :)
    Happyf Friday!

  4. Just sent my love letter off to Justin! Thanks for sharing the link, and just for being you! Happy Friday :)

  5. Such an amazing blog and a wonderful photo!!
    You are a great person!
    I follow you! :)
    Hope you will find some time to check out my blog as well :)

  6. Thanks for featuring the Love Letter site. I love this.

  7. Oh my goodness. As a total Daddy's girl, I am completely in love with that picture you took! It's perfect!


  8. The beauty of candid photography!


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