June 7, 2012

Photography Skillz. Get some.

This is another post for you aspiring photography wizards out there. A while back I reviewed some excellent photography tutorials, and I’d just like to give you a little update since the makers of these tutorials just put out a brand spankin’ new one. I’m excited about this because A) I’m a nerd and B) I really support what the people over at Photography Concentrate are doing. When I first decided to dive into the photography world, it was all so overwhelming. The sheer magnitude of info on the web sort of made my head spin, and it can be difficult and time consuming to sift through it all, and expensive and even more time consuming to take classes.

So when I was referred over to the Extremely Essential Camera Skills tutorial under the promise I’d be shooting happily in manual immediately after watching it, I bought it without hesitation. Best decision ever. It’s like an awesome one-on-one class you can attend right from the comfort of your couch (and finish in only a few hours). You can read a tad bit more about that in my first review, but the main thing I wanted to say was that the new Super Photo Editing Skills tutorial for Lightroom 4 just launched TODAY, and it’s almost half price for a short time during the launch. So, if you’ve been thinking about learning Lightroom (which is SO much more intuitive than Photoshop), now is the time to buy this amazing tutorial. I’m going through mine now, and I am just amazed by how much I’ve already learned and would have NEVER figured out on my own. It’s so easy, and dare I say FUN?!

Thanks, Rob and Lauren. :)

Click the pictures below to learn more about these amazing tutorials…

super photo editing skills 



  1. Thank you for sharing! I'm saving up for a new camera and I'm already feeling overwhelmed by all that I need to learn. I will be checking this out for sure!

  2. Thats so great! I'm still exclusively using Photoshop CS5 but when I cross over to LR I will check them out fo sho!

  3. Hi jenni !

    Well thanks to you I already bought the Extremely Essential Camera Skills and I must say it is pretty amazing. at first I was a little concerned cause 1-I'm French and 2- I already saw many tutos on the web and my gosh, its hard to find what you're really looking for. But Lauren always responded to my emails very gentily and she is an amazing photographer and a good teacher. I learned so many things ! So thank YOU for sharing this :-)
    Have a lovely day.

  4. I am filing this info away until I can afford a good camera. It may be a while, but I definitely have a goal to keep in mind here. Thanks for always sharing photo tips and information.

  5. I'm purchasing the essential camera skills tutorial and the lightroom 3 editing tutorial today...nervous and excited all at the same time!

    I've been stuck shooting automatic and have just been scared to make the leap to manual...wish me luck!

    Thanks for the advice - your review on them made me feel more okay with spending the money :)

  6. awesome, but as much as i like tutorials i think i really need to do a class. must start saving my pennies!

  7. Seriously... Thanks so much for posting this.. You don't even know lol.. I know the feeling of being overwhelmed all too well. Theres so many options to learn this art but they are either so expensive of just do had to follow. I'm gonna give this tutorial a whirl :)
    Thanks! -Janell

  8. You know where it's at! Look at all of us who have been wanting to learn more but are feeling totally overwhelmed. I wanted to thank you too! I just got my first dslr and can't wait to sit down with this tutorial.

    Now I know where to go when I am ready to add some editing software to the mix.

  9. Thanks for all the photography tips!

  10. This little lady needs a new camera first! I have been saving for one, but I just get so overwhelmed at all of the options out there. I am so nervous about learning to use it and then having to educate myself on all of the editing programs. I am starting to squirm now...even as I type this comment! ;)

  11. I'm def going to check this out!!! I've really wanted to get into photography over the years and lately I find myself wanting to take the plunge more & more. This sounds like a great place to start!!! What camera would you recommend to get started that could possibly transition into semi-professional at some point? As far as cameras go, there are so many to choose from and with megapixels and zoom etc, it's hard to know what's good from a professional standpoint. Happy Friday!!!

  12. Jenniiiiii!
    Lightroom is awesome! Granted for more fined tuned editing you're still going to want to use photoshop! BUT the fact that you can edit multiple pictures all at once in lightroom makes it totally worth it!

    I'm going to get this and see what else I can learn, as my lightroom skills are very low level!!! <3

  13. These are great! Thanks Jenni :) I've been thinking about Lightroom for a while so might just dive in!

    From Cupcakes, With Love x

  14. Awesome! I'll have to pass this on to my budding-photographer-of-a-sister.


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