April 9, 2012

Thoughts on Working From Home

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Just wanted to start off your Monday with some pretty images. :)  These were all taken at the Lady Bird Johnson Wildflower Center here in Austin, which is in FULL bloom right now! My mom and I sneezed our way through there the other day, and managed to snap some pretty pictures of the flowers in the process.

In other news, this morning I’m starting Day 1 of “business hours,” which I’m hoping will help me to stay disciplined and on task throughout each day.  I am someone who thrives on structure and always did well at school and work when I had someone to answer to, but now that I answer to myself? Well, let’s just say the rules and regulations are fairly lax around here.  I’m often not proud of myself at the end of the day, and always feel I should have accomplished more and wasted less time on this or that. 

It’s many people’s dream to work from home, and it truly is mine, too.  At this point, the thought of going out and getting a “real” job makes me cringe, because I feel my passion is for writing and photography and social media, and working for anyone but myself would be stifling to me.  BUT, every day I worry that I’m wasting this opportunity I’ve been given, to be my own boss and make my own way.  I witness people like my husband and like Edd and like others I know who have this unyielding drive that pushes them forward, and I want that!  But I think for some people, myself included, it doesn’t come naturally.  I have to work at it, and really hard.  The habits need to be formed.  The natural tendency to be a lazy ass needs to be understood and then battled daily.  And stuff needs to get done.  Checked off the list.  Progress made.  For me, progress has been slow lately.  And I have no one to blame but myself.

So, business hours! Structure!  There’s no one here to create it for me, so I’m trying really hard to create it for myself.  We only get one life, you know?  And I want to enjoy mine, and be proud of myself and what I’ve poured my time into.  So I wrote out these business hours explicitly, and even made myself a list of what business hours include and what they don’t.  I want the luxury of being flexible and being able to make my own schedule, but I know I also need to give myself more direction than I have been.

What about you?  If you work from home, what ways have you found to stay disciplined and on task throughout the day?  Do share…


  1. Good for you! I imagine that is very hard to stay focused and disciplined when at home. Good luck with it...making lists is always the way to go!


  2. working from home would be a challenge for me! When I'm home, I tend to leave the world behind me. I just got a job as a dance teacher though which requires a lot of lesson planning at home. I'm learning much better time management these days! It's something that I feel like I have to practice until I get it right though. Each day I get a little better at it :)

    What is it you'll be doing from home?

  3. Working from home can be killer. I have a son so I keep my hours a little different than you'll probably keep yours, but I try to work in the morning, through his nap, and then, if I have to, late at night. I wasn't self employed before being a mom, but I think that, if you're going to keep some of your day free, it's best to work from the time you get ready for the day up past lunch so you can have the afternoon free for errands or to just hang out.

    Oh! And on days that I have shoots and/or weddings (I'm a photographer), I don't edit, just answer emails and work on social media. Hope that helps some!

  4. Cute pictures! That is so not what it looks like here, it's still 1 metre of snow ;)

    I can't really work from home since I'm a newsdesigner but I could do it if I had another job.

  5. I don't have any tips for you, but I thought this post that Heather did on dooce.com was interesting: http://dooce.com/2011/08/08/how-work-home

    I think having office hours is a good starting point!

  6. you are my hero!

    i have this tendency as well. and at the end of the day i often feel like - where in heavens name did the time go! and what. did. i do! ???

    keeping office hours today (: b/c of YOU

  7. I don't work from home and I honestly can't imagine it!! I would sit on the couch all day watching Housewives. I'd have to get the cable disconnected.

    Luckily, it doesn't look like I can leave my job soon so it shouldn't be a problem. Yet. Haha.

  8. I don't work from home, but I love the idea. I feel the same day you do though. I very much lack the self-discipline.

  9. It's pretty hard. I can't even get myself to study but I guess,sticking to a schedule will work, sometimes it does work with me. Like, don't do anything else unless you're finish with a specific chore.


  10. GIRL! I am the same way. I have got to lay myself down some structure. Financially, we only have so long for me to continue being a stay at home mom full time before I am going to have to pick something up part-time at least. I need to get my ass in gear, seriously. Office Hours might be just what I need, or I am going to be kicking myself working again for someone ELSE. Let's do this! (gorge photos, btw)

  11. I worked from home at my old job, and it reminded me a lot of the online classes I took in college. I couldn't stay focused, and stuff did not get done.

    As much as I hate sitting inside an office all day, I think it's the best fit for me...for now!

  12. I love the idea of business hours. As a full-time working girl, with a freelance writing career just launching and a blog, plus all the other things in life, I find that designating certain days and nights for certain things help to create structure. If that makes any sense! I wish you best of luck with your working hours! I know you're off to a great start just by doing this!

  13. I'm right there with ya...trouble is, my days are very varied since I teach piano lessons some days, and teach exercise classes some days - so I'd need a schedule that was different for each day of the week - which makes me crazy just thinking about it! I like your idea though, of what's "allowed" within certain hours and what's not. That sounds doable. Plus it would make some things (like following blog rabbit trails) more like a reward at the end of the day...no guilt involved! Good luck! Btw. I did wake up early and have been productive today :-). Woohoo!!!

  14. Working from home is one of the best and most challenging things i've done. I love the flexibility but it gets hard when i'm distracted, and there are a ton of distractions when you have dishes in the sink, laundry in the basket and dinner to cook.

    I found that when I get myself to my computer close the door to the office and force myself to stay in my seat I get a good deal more done.I also started to get up early with my husband and an sitting at my desk by the time he leaves.

    it takes time to really adjust but once you do its great. Good luck my dear.

  15. You and I are exactly the same! It takes a lot to get me to abide by my own rules! Hopefully I can work from home someday soon! It'd be a dream to have that flexibility!

  16. 'The naturally tendency to be a lazy ass needs to be understood and then battled daily.' LOL. I so understand that. I'm really inspired by this post and your desire to push yourself further. It's hard to find structure when you are your own boss, but I agree that you've only got one life and it's easy to waste it.
    I LOVED the pictures. Gorgeous.

  17. You can do it! I starting staying home once I had my baby & now I'm doing full time photography. I know you've mentioned getting into it as well and you totally could! Your photos are beautiful! Sometimes I miss the predictability of "going" to work and the engagement with the community that work outside of the home offered, but working from home is a blessing if you can afford it & will definitely help surge that creativity!

  18. So, my job is kind of an oxymoron as far as "structure" goes. For example, I meet with my supervisor every week, but for the most part I create my own schedule and am responsible for making sure I meet my "hours." I don't have a 9-5 job and even though we have church offices at our disposal, I could theoretically work from home if I could prove that I was productive there. The biggest thing that helped me was a block schedule that's consistent week to week. Since what I do involves a ton of appointments, that's easy for me. Also - Google Calendar - I've pretty much sold my life to it, but it keeps me on task. :)

  19. I work for myself, from home and it is a struggle sometimes. I love it and (like you) the thought of going out and getting a job makes me cringe. I just make a schedule every day . This helps me to stay focused and avoid wasting all day doing things that don't need to be done :).

  20. Working from home has been a huge challenge for me. I always thought I was on the anti-social side and could live without mindless co-worker chitchat, but I'm starting to realize how much I miss it.

    Using my Google Calendar and syncing it to my phone has been a great way for me to stay on task. If I'm out and about or doing something besides work and my phone chimes that I need to complete a project, it helps me stay on task. It's like someone else telling you what to do!

    Gorgeous pictures, Jenni. I love them! Texas has the prettiest flowers I've ever seen.

  21. I totally relate to this post. I'm trying to make things happen for myself in life and its taking a lot of discipline!

  22. I can totally relate! I don't have business hours, but sometimes I feel like I should. Sometimes I feel like I'm less productive because I'm always "working"- which really just means that I'm in front of the computer, but we all know how unproductive that can be! I often wonder if I forced myself to step away if I would make better use of the time I have. It's always a work in progress!

  23. you and i are like the same person.

  24. If I could, I would totally work from home. I think it would be just fabulous. Good luck in trying to create some structure. I wish I had some advice for you but where I don't work from home, I don't have any. But am wishing you lots of luck in this new goal for you!

  25. Jenni, I can so relate! I work from home as a recruiter, and although I don't work for myself (I work for a company that allows their employees to work remotely) I still struggle with all these same issues. My company does provide some structure, however, procrastination and just a lack of motivation to push myself as hard as I should often leaves me feeling guilty at the end of the day because I feel like so many people would love to be in my shoes working from their sweats and here I am just dicking around! Glad to know that I'm not the only one who struggles with this!

  26. I know exactly what you mean as i work from home, well if you can call it work, and i find it hard sometimes not to be lazy too. Maybe i need to give myself a bit more of a schedule :)

  27. oh man girl.. i feel like I could have written this post!

    i'm a part time nanny, full time grad student, and full time lazy housewife... i too thrived in school, when i had structure and set hours and someone to make me accountable.. but now that i'm a "responsible adult", i am so lazy in my motivation...i make excuses for everything..

    my husband is the same way as yours- totally driven and doesnt really need to be "kept on track" (if anything, that boy of mine is TOO driven and takes on MORE that what is necessary.. wish i could say that!)

    but it's a balance, and slow and steady wins the race..

    what's funny is, today is my "get back on track day": gym, school work (carving out adequate time for school) and perhaps channeling a little Martha Stewart..

    so yay! if we both put out these "good we can succeed and be actual adults" vibes, i BET it will happen.. i mean, it can ONLY happen the way we intend it, right?


    happy monday friend! great post!

  28. Establishing business hours is SO important. But with my business, I found that its not enough. Its so easy to get caught up with social media, that before you know it you wasted a good portion of your business hours doing nothing productive. I have a lot to say about the matter, but here are some key points that can really help you out:

    - outline hours of the day you will dedicate to specific tasks. Example: 9am-10am answer emails, 10am-11am draft blog post, 11am-12noon edit images for this week's blog posts, 12n-1pm lunch, 1pm-2pm marketing strategies, 2pm-3pm prepare social media for tomorrow, 3pm-4pm work on current client project

    - there are quite a few amazing apps and websites that can disable certain social media for your computer - you can set what hours you want and ensure proper working time without "peeking" at facebook, google reader etc.

    - create 3 actionable tasks for each day that can be accomplished. I keep the number low because it prevents me from feeling overwhelmed, thus I'm more likely to get them done.

    Hope this helps... There is SO much to say about this! LOL like a complete blog post.

    wishing you a fabulous Monday

  29. Love this post - I too am trying to figure out "work from home" time management!! I'm a full-time nanny (and am able to work at home most days), part-time student, and also in the process of starting a new business! I love being able to work from home most of the time, but I'm now figuring out why people with kiddos always seem to have so much less time!!

  30. First of all, I really like the pictures you posted! Spring hasn't quite come around in my part of the country yet. Your pictures have me looking forward to it though.

    About working from home.....setting hours is exactly what you have to do. Figure out your most Productive time of the day and be sure to set BLOCKS of uninteruppted time aside to get things done. Try to have specific goals of what you need to accomplish and the time frame. Also, be sure to think about the specific hours you will give yourself for cleaning, cooking, extra household things, setting appointments, grocery shopping, free time, etc...

  31. You are living my dream right now, girl! I would love nothing more than to work for myself & only do things that I love & make me happy. Unfortunately I can't figure out a way to support myself financially this way - so I have to work for someone else :( Please, Please live it up & enjoy it!! :) Happy Monday to you!

  32. That sounds like a great idea! I have a tendency to be a lazy ass too...it's pretty bad actually. Working from home is extra hard with Dave coming and going all day to and from class. I really need to get on some sort of schedule as well, lately the days go by in a blink and I'm not satisfied with what got accomplished.

  33. Lists, lists, lists, Jenni! That's what helps me be productive throughout the day. I do work outside the home, so in order to stay busy after the 5 o'clock hour I have to make myself a list of what I would like to accomplish. Sometimes, not everything gets crossed off. And that's okay, life happens. But usually, everything does..and it's a great feeling to see those bullet lists crossed out :)

    Good luck!

  34. I was absolutely shocked when I read this post! You seem like the type of person who would be perfectly on-task! It actually makes me feel better to know even efficient women like yourself often have trouble staying structured. I just a college student, but I feel the same about thinking I should've gotten more accomplished at the end of the day. Maybe write a post later on telling what helps you stay structured. I'd love to read your advice!

    love this blog,

  35. I need help in this area too! I am a stay at home mom and blogger. I really need to have list and business hours to get things done but it's not my personality either. I think I have ADD. My husband on the other hand is king of list and getting things done. He loves crossing things of his list. I agree with you that you have to form these habits. I get very complaisant so sometimes I need a kick in the butt to get me going. Thanks for the post and Good Luck!

  36. This post literally could have been written by me. I'm a 20-something aspiring novelist and I work from home, blogging and writing and working on fiction to submit to publishing agents. It is so gratifying to be able to do what I love every day but I, too, worry that I'm wasting my time occasionally!
    When I decided to forgo looking for a serious "real" job to stay home and write, I decided I HAD to set some business hours for myself. I get up, get dressed as if I'm leaving the house, make coffee and sit down to write for at least two hours in the morning, two in the afternoon. I hope to tack on more time as I get better at staying on task. It's difficult, with the wide web at my fingertips while I'm working, but I feel so much better doing this than I think I would at a 9-5 job.
    Wishing you all sorts of good luck with your schedule! :)

    Left brain, right brain, pug brain.

  37. Oh how I long to have a job where I could work from home. The grass is always greener I suppose! I can see how it would be very hard to be disciplined though.

  38. I am someone who needs structure too or else time just has a way of floating by! I have to keep a checklist and force myself to follow it, otherwise nothing happens.

    I commend you on keeping business hours! I'd imagine I'd have to do the same if I worked from home.

  39. I only work from home maybe once a month, so for me it is like a little mini-vacation. I sit in front of the TV with my laptop and don't change out of my PJs! I'm sure if I did it full time, I would need more structure.
    Sounds like you have a plan, at least! Good luck. :)

  40. Hey Jenni! I definitely can relate to needing a schedule or consistency to help stay on task. I did much better in school too, because there was some predictability to my weeks. I found myself feeling a bit overwhelmed with too much time on my hands when I was unemployed. Now I'm back to working crazy and unpredictable hours in retail. Finding a middle ground is always the hardest part. Setting office hours sounds like a great start!

    Also try not to be too hard on yourself. Start small, and I'm sure you'll accomplish big things. (:

  41. I actually started doing that a couple of months ago. I also set business hours where I explicitly work at home. It really is hard not to loose focus and I also struggle with it daily. I admire so many people for there drive and what they all accomplish in what seems ten days in one. It's incredible! I always feel like a need a week for a task that could be done in 3 hours. It really doesn't help ones self esteem and I totally get how you are feeling.

    I'm planning to move in with my boyfriend in august and we are planning to have a office for me. So far, the business hour thing has really helped me but I still struggle to much. I think, having a real office where nothing personal gets in the way will help me immensely.

    I remember an article that we read in school a bunch of years ago...it was about people working from home...I remember one guy saying that he sets his business hours and then get's up every morning and dresses like he is going to the office in town....He literally dresses up and walks around the block once and then goes in the back door. I remember him saying that he needed this routine to get his mind on working and really focusing on work without letting anything personal around the house get in the way.

    Im actually thinking about trying that as soon as I have an extra office. ;)

  42. I work from home (I'm a writer) and I can relate to some of your points. It's a struggle and you must have the proper balances in place to make it work and to maintain productivity but at the same time, working from home full-time also gives me the freedom and opportunity that I wouldn't have in a 9-5 setting.

    I used to have one of those 9-5's and although it was a great position in a cozy office with many perks, I honestly wouldn't go back unless I absolutely had to. Thankfully, I do quite well with what I'm doing now but I can totally relate to your point of "cringing" at the mere thought of it.

    Also like you, I am by nature a first-class lazy ass and scheduling is my worst enemy yet also my best friend. (Ironically, I'm also the poster child for impatience. It's an interesting mix.) I must have things done and tend to stress about the small details but I also must have my space, freedom and flexibility in order to maintain my sanity.

    Scheduling is great. It keeps me on track in order to meet deadlines and gives me just enough structure to thrive. The biggest trick for me was finding the right balance of flexibility.

    My days are determined by the work I must put out in order to meet deadlines. Each week, I calculate the hours I realistically need to complete tasks and then I break them down by day. For example, today I must put out 6 hours of quality work. For me to say, "I must work from 8:00 to 2:00," is extremely suffocating and leaves me feeling stressed, burnt and unhappy if I can't perform what needs done in that exact timeframe. Because of this, I usually break it up into half-day increments and this simple trick allows me to take breaks and enjoy the freedom that working from home is supposed to allow. I play with my dogs, watch a little TV, get some housework done, etc., and then I go back and finish the remainder of my hours. If my leisure activities take more time than planned, I'm still all right knowing that I only have 3 hours left and could work at night if need be.

    Although I do work a set number of hours each day, I break those hours up so that I'm always able to enjoy other things in my life, a luxury that I wasn't able to enjoy in my 9-5 days. Does this make sense? An added bonus to my lazy-yet-productive schedule: I've never missed a deadline (that's career suicide in my world) and yet I'm also stress-free because I take that block of time each day to enjoy all of the things I love.

    All of this being said, the hardest part for me, surprisingly, wasn't the scheduling at all. It was securing enough work (contracts) to make the efforts worthwhile. I had read horror stories of the "starving writer" and refused to be among them. Luckily, I was able to secure more than enough contracts and now have a MUCH better income than my old "regular" job.

    Stick with it and find out what works best for you. Above all, make sure you maintain a balance to avoid getting burnt out or stressed out and always remember how fortunate you are for simply having this option. Best of luck to you - I'm sure you'll do well in whatever you decide to tackle! (And as a writer, I must say you definitely have talent! I read only a few blogs and you, by far, are my favorite simply because I enjoy your style.)

  43. Wow, Tia, thank you! I really appreciate your insightful comment... and the wonderful compliment at the end, of course! :)

  44. You're welcome! Are you planning on becoming a photographer full-time or a writer? If writing, what type? I'm just naturally curious. :)

    There are other things to consider when working at home full-time, of course, depending on which direction you're planning on going. (And annoyances, too!) Like you, I worried about the basics first (scheduling, flexibility, maintaining sanity, LOL...) but once I dove into it, I realized that I needed to sit down and get a few other things straight, too, that are of equal importance. For example, record keeping. Billing was a major feat for me, personally. (How much should I charge? What am I willing/not willing to do? Things of this nature.) Also, the one lesson I have learned is mastering the art of saying "No" and sticking to it. I have a set of personal guidelines for my work that I force myself to stick to. In the long run, having all of these things set in stone will go a long ways.

    If you have any other questions or just common frustrations that I know we ALL go through, don't hesitate to ask. I might not have all the answers but I'm sure I've been there or can at least relate. :)

  45. I totally agree with ya! My company is super flexible and I work from home about 1-2 days a week and I find it hard to get anything done work wise. I mean yes, I do work but with Ellen on in the background and laundry drying haha. Surprisingly, I am super super productive when I am in the office so I actually like going sometimes and know I couldnt WFH full time. My husband works at home full time unless he travels (1-2 days a week) and he is SO productive. It's crazy. Like he is the only person in history that LOVES their job. And he sells software haha

  46. You seem to be really organized with your blog. You post regularly and have variety of your writing, so I think you aren't as 'lazy' of a worker as you think!
    Course, maybe if you're writing, which you love to do, maybe that just comes more easily to you.
    But I know what you mean when it comes to having to work hard to be driven. I'm not driven at all, and I wish I was. But that's great that you're writing a list of your schedule for the day, and what you need to do for your business. That is definitely a great motivator.
    I'm curious to know what you 'business day' is like. Do you write some, takes some pictures, etc? Or even what you're business is! I mean, I know you have a lot of different things you love to do, but what is the main focus? Or, main goal?

  47. Oy. I'm a full-time student and I keep telling myself that I need to treat it like a full-time job but I never follow through and usually spend the day reading blogs instead of researching, like, uh, right now. I know that if I'd kept office hours right from the start, I'd have all my assignments done on time, as well as the best part of a novel written. So, I guess I'll start this business hours thing with you right now.

  48. Part-time student, part-time novelist.
    How do I stay on track? My query letter for my second novel is done and has yet to be sent out and I spent three hours on Tumblr last night.
    I'm right on track, eh?

  49. Wow.
    A lot of really great comments & suggestions.

    I worked from home. sort of. I home schooled my kids for many years.
    Then I went to school online.
    And then I did manis and pedis out of my home for a while.
    List making has absolutely always been the best way to keep me on track.
    Not only would I make a list of my weekly goals, but I would then divide each day into listed goals.
    From that would be an hourly schedule for each day.

    In addition to that, I planned and organized our meals two weeks in advance. This allowed me to spend one major day at the grocery store for the entire two week period.
    I generally only "real cooked" about 3 nights of the week because the rest of the time we would have "planned-overs" (because I planned it that way, that's why. ;)

    When I did all of this, my house and life would run a lot smoother.
    When I didn't. I whined, moaned, and groaned a lot.
    And we ate frozen pizza.

    Oh, one more thing.
    Rest is a BIG deal. Otherwise you will burn out.
    Notice in Genesis that it is one of the first things God makes very clear. Rest.
    Anyway, rest could be a nap. It could be a walk. It could be time to read a book or watch a show, or a movie night.

    At any rate, schedule rest on a weekly basis (like maybe the weekend).
    On a daily basis. (for me it was a BIG salad & a Bronte book every day at lunch for an hour & then tv time in the evening with the hubs)
    On a monthly basis. (maybe one weekend a month is time at the ranch?)
    And at least once a year. (A vacation.)

    This keeps you from burning out and gives you something to look forward to regularly.

    Enjoy working from home! It's a wonderful thing!!

  50. Gosh I admire you...I know myself and working from home would result in a whole lot of other stuff happening and none of it would be work!!! I am undisciplined and lack focus but I think my main issue is that I am and always have been easily distracted.

    I even battle in a very structured workplace with it.

    So I am praying that your "working hours" will work for you and that you will find fulfillment and joy in what you are doing!!!

  51. I was so happy to read this post and know that it's not just me! The career that I actually studied for (for a very long time, I might add) involves working from home but so far, it just hasn't happened. And like you, it really comes down to me and my lack of organization (and tendency towards being a lazy bones!). I so need to get myself back on track. If you learn any other good tricks do let us know! WOrking from home is so, so hard. x

  52. Best of luck, Jenni!

    It is my goal to one day be able to work from home - write. But, the knowledge that I have a severe lack of discipline when it comes to work, really worries me.

    I think keeping office hours is the best way and to keep that TV and other distractions off. It's also good to have an 'office' - a space that is free from distraction where you can sit and work work work.

    All the best!!


  53. @Tia--I'm planning on doing both! Keeping up with my blog/preparing posts/organizing sponsors/returning comments and emails is a huge undertaking in itself, plus I have a small freelance job and am teaching myself photography and editing. Right now, I'm just trying to keep up with the blog, keep up with the house, and devote the time to learning the photog stuff. Then I need to do all of the things that come with starting up the biz--doing cheap/free shoots to build my portfolio, start a website, get business cards printed, network... all that.

    Oh, and I've also been wanting to write an ebook on blogging, and also dreeeeeam of writing a novel one day. So, yeah. Lots of ambition, just need traction on it all. :)

    Thank you so much for being awesome and offering to help if needed!! You're the best! :)

  54. I would love to work from home and I'm so proud/impressed that you are! Such a dream come true, I'm sure.

    Love your photos (per usual) and would love to hear more about what you do for a living!

  55. I've always dreamed of working from home. I like the idea of not having to wake up at 4:30am (yes, i wake up that early just to get ready for work, plus i need to leave home early so I don't get stuck in traffic),I like the idea of being the boss of my own time. But on a side note,I think I might get side tracked every now and then if I work from home, there's just way too many distractions.

  56. I want so badly to work from home too but I think my #1 issue is having the funds to leave a steady paycheck. I pray for the day my husband can {mostly} support us on his own so I can start my own freelance/photography business from home. It's my dream. You are my inspiration. :)

  57. working from home has its ups and downs. i started working from home in november about 3 days a week with my new job and it was a huge adjustment - especially when i had to be in the office every day! it's taken me a while to hit the ground running, but i find that i do my best in the morning, while i'm having my coffee/tea. i don't turn on the tv, i open up the blinds to let the natural light in and bust out all my emails within two hours. after two hours, i shower, eat breakfast, etc. and continue with my work. i do have some hard days, but you just have to find a routine that works for you :)


  58. Not sure if someone already suggested it but rewarding yourself as the day goes on can help achieve any goals you have set- like if you write x amount of quality blog posts by 5 PM, you get a nice lavender bubble bath. Good luck!

  59. Hmm...yes, a lack of discipline (and my being ridiculously easily distracted!) is exactly why I am glad I do not work from home. I JUST don't think I have the right personality type to be able to do that successfully. :(

  60. What a brilliant idea!! I, too, work from home but I've been struggling to stay on task and feeling bummed at the end of the day when there's not much accomplishment going on. Thanks for the idea :)
    xoxo J

  61. When I use to work from home, I had to make a schedule because if not I would end up watching reality tv alllll day. You can do it! Good luck!

  62. This is a late comment, but I just stumbled upon your blog... I wanted to say I love the honesty and humor in your "voice"!

    I love the idea of "business hours". I'm a full time PhD student and a part-time university instructor. I go to the university once or twice a week, then the rest of the time I work at home. It has certainly been a challenge! I've tried various things like limiting my internet time, or using internet time as a reward (e.g., I can visit my favorite blogs after I work X number of hours). It sounds silly... but I guess it won't work for those who make a living from being online (like professional bloggers). Regardless, I believe in little rewards, whatever that might be!

    I also hear some people (who work at home successfully) say that they get dressed as though they are really going to work in an office outside the home. At first I was skeptical, but then I tried it - even if it was just jeans, a nice top, cute flats - anything other than pajamas or yoga pants! It does help - somehow I sit up straighter and get to work more quickly rather than dilly-dallying around the house (or what I like to call "productive procrastination"!)

  63. Shyama SivasubramaniamFebruary 3, 2014 at 6:32 AM

    Actually, I guess its hard to feel like we are actually working when we are dressed in pjs! Even if we are actually doing stuff! It probably just comes with the extremely comfy surroundings!

  64. Hey Shyama,

    I agree it does make us lazy at times to sit at home and work. The most important point about working from home is that, people around tend to take you for granted thinking you are just wasting your time at home



Thanks so much for leaving your two cents! I read and appreciate every comment and respond when I can. Thanks for reading. :)

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