April 8, 2012

Easter thoughts + Instagram Dump (B.O.I. Week 11)

Happy Easter, my friends… how was your weekend? Restful, I hope. Ours was eventful, as you may have already caught wind of in yesterday’s post? Oy!  And I should also add that the giraffe was not the only shipment to arrive from Africa.  My house really is a zoo now…  I could charge admission just to visit.

Anyway, this morning we had a lovely brunch at my mom’s, where we enjoyed a feast of pancakes, eggs, sausage, melon, and coffee cake, alongside some good conversation and, of course, the cursory Easter peeps.  We paid our respects to Edd at the beautiful wooden urn that contains his ashes, and there was something strangely comforting about that.  His presence is still felt.  I couldn’t help but think back to my Easter post last year, and when I looked it up, the tears flowed.  That smile on Edd’s face!  Damn his staggering ability to be happy, right up through the end. It makes me feel deeply ashamed of my own pathetic ability to have a consistently shitty attitude.  For real.

Grace.  We talked a little today about how the grace with which Edd handled his disease was truly astounding, and though watching someone suffer like Edd did can certainly cause you to have some issues with your God and your faith, the grace… it’s hard to attribute it to anything but God working within him, despite the cancer. 

We also talked about how suffering has a purpose, and that’s to strip you of every single thing that’s not important, leaving only what is.  Of course, it’s still hard to embrace suffering—damn near impossible.  But it’s also near impossible to ignore the beauty I saw in the love and caring and stripped-down-ness of my mom and Edd’s relationship.

Just food for thought. 

* * * * *

After a short sabbatical, I am back on board with Best of Instagram! Here’s a few recent pictures… (username jenniSOML on Instagram)

week 11 6

1. A new favorite dress from Ruche and a lovely bracelet by Miss Jenna!
2. My outfit for Easter today. Necklace by Stella & Dot.

* * * * *

week 11 3

3. This tea is supposed to help my PMS.  We’ll see. (nailpolish here in “now you sea me”)
4. Beautiful tulips from the incredibly kind
Kristin. :)

* * * * *

week 11 7 
5. Gracie and the water hose. More obsessed Gracie photos
6. Tuckered out. :)

* * * * *

Week 11-2

7. Spooning!
8. Keeping watch.

* * * * *

week 11 5

9. I have named it Martin.
10. Never thought I’d see the day I put one of these in my office, but it actually looks pretty darn cool.

* * * * *

week 12 1

11. Flowers clipped from the yard to keep me company while I work.
12. Cosmetics.

* * * * *

week 11 4  
13. My loves.
14. New favorite necklace courtesy of my blestie (blog bestie, not sure who coined that)
Megan.  Its official name is the “Edinburgh,” but I have renamed it the “Edd-inburgh.”  :)  Tonight’s the last night to get a major discount in the Across The Pond shop, so get on that!

Add your links below, if you’d like!

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  1. Still praying for your & your family! Love the nail polish you're wearing!!

  2. Sounds like you had a great Easter! I love your instagram pics. Such cute outfits!

  3. a. the picture of matthew and gracie is THE cutest.

    b. LOVE the necklace on you! thank so so much Jenni for the support!! xxx

  4. Martin. That's perfect. :-)

  5. I can't imagine that giraffe with any other name. Martin is perfect.

    Happy Easter to you and your family. It sounds like you've all been dealing with Edd's passing with as much grace as he had. xx

  6. Yay for pretty necklaces from "across the pond"!! (literally, and...literally?)
    I just got mine this weekend, too. :) Happy Easter

  7. Happy Easter! Sounds like you've had a lovely day! Love all of your instagrams as always! #11, those flowers are so pretty!


  8. What a fun slew of Instagrams! I'm so excited that it's now available for Android! I'm trying to figure out how to follow you now!

  9. OK so I know I commented on your last post and said that giraffe would creep me out... but I think I'm starting to like it. Maybe I want one?

    How is your mom doing? I know that's maybe a little random but I was just curious!

  10. cute pictures! i'm especially loving your nailpolish colour and your pup all tuckered out.

  11. Your dog is hilarious! :) Loved the pics!

  12. So happy you guys were able to spend this Easter with such fond memories of Ed. NOTHING BETTER THAN THAT! LOVE you girl!

  13. Tea for PMS!? Get me some of that!

    I'm so glad you guys had a peaceful Easter remembering Edd. What a blessing to feel his presence and attitude towards life. Lots of love to you girl.

  14. Love all the cozziness of the pups!

  15. Love your thoughts up there and they really got me thinking.
    I really have to work on my attitude.

    I love the garden hose picture!!! :-D awesome!!

  16. Ps. I'm so happy you had a happy easter with your loved ones!!

  17. Let us know if that tea works! I am always looking for something natural to take the edge of my insanely crazy PMS hormones! Sending you and your family prayers for peace and serenity through this challenging time!

  18. That giraffe scares me almost as much as the Easter bunny does.

    Glad you had a nice holiday!

  19. The giraffi is wonderful! Not sure if it was okay to link up since my post included my link party as well. great pictures!

  20. He def. looks like a Martin, I approve. :)

  21. Your dogs are just way too freaking adorable.

  22. I totally missed out on Easter peeps this year!!
    I did get a little bunny though.
    Love the pictures! Yes, I still don't have a smartphone like the rest of the world and can only view those instagram photos via your blog!
    Glad you had a good Easter :) I was wondering how it would be without Edd there with you all, but it sounds like you had a nice time to remember him, which is really great.


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