January 20, 2012

Sunday link-up + Blogger Highlight

Good Friiiiiiiiday morning!  Did you know that it’s Friday? Yep, it is.  And I just completed my first week of waking up at 6:00-6:30 AM every.single.morning and making ish happen, y’all.  We’ll see if such productivity is sustainable for the long term.

Also, get your Best of Instagram/cell-phone photos ready for Sunday afternoon, cause there’ll be a link-up!  I know now that there’s a similar link up out there, but not aired on Sunday afternoon.  And not on Story of My Life.  BAM.  Feel free to copy the way I format the post (see past here—I use Picnik.com for the collages), or come up with something of your own.  There are no rules!

Anywho, today I’d like to introduce three fab sponsors of this here blog, so let’s get to it!

* * * * *

First up is Celine, the blogger mastermind behind Starbies and Sangrias.  Celine is a DOCTOR currently living in Portland but about to relocate to AUSTIN, and while I tried to tell her that we cannot be friends since she’s a doctor and way cooler than me, upon exchanging several emails I fear that we are destined to be BFFs.  Chick is funny.  And pretty. And smart.  And a doctor. And an awesome blogger.  No fair. 


* * * * *

Next is adorable miss Valerie from the blog Southern CupcakeValerie is a college student and hails from the great state of Louisiana where she blogs about her love for vintage, fashion, crafting, cooking and baking, and overall being sweet and awesome.  Doesn’t she have the perfect smile?


* * * * *

 And last but certainly not least is beautiful Stephanie of Stephanie and Such!  Stephanie is funny and sweet as pie, resides in Utah, and blogs all about her life and loves and adventures in dating.  This post made me laugh out loud. You will love this girl! 


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* * * * * 


Enjoy your weekend everyone!



  1. First of all, yes on the linkup. Now I just need to remember to take some dern photos during the week.

    Secondly could these bloggers today BE better? Holy crap. Adorableness everywhere!

  2. I could not wake up at that time everyday! Well done! I'm so happy it's Friday :)

    Going to check out those three lovely ladies now!

    Amelia @ UGLY DUCKLING x


  3. loving the enthusiasm for friday. does this mean a silent alarm for saturday? does that explain the several "i's" this morning?

    your killing all of us.

  4. So so so glad it's Friday. Why are weeks so that have holidays for work so long?!?

    Love the sponsors. Especially Steph and Such!!! Love her! I am probably bias cause she is my sister, but that's besides the point. :)

  5. Yesssss can't wait to link up!!

  6. Yay! Can't wait for the linkup!

  7. She's a doctor.. we can't be friends.. I laughed so hard. More people to blog stalk, very exciting for me:)

  8. Thank you for the introductions to such sweet bloggers. Have a great weekend!


  9. YEAH girl! That's awesome! Keep that early risin' goin!

  10. Love all your sponsor posts!
    I mark each one and make a point to check them out.

    Ok...gotta go read blogs.
    I've carved out a little square inch of time and I have a Coke Zero opened and waiting!

  11. jenni.






    really, it's fab! love it!!!!

    and totally want to do this link up sunday if i'm not exhausted from work this weekend!! can i post it on sun night/mon? will the link be open?

  12. You changed your blog again!! First I was surprised and thought I was at a different blog!! hehe. But I love it :)
    Hope you have a great weekend Jenni!

  13. OOhhh love the new layout!! I also love the linkup idea. Letsdoit.

  14. picnik is my all time fav & guess what? come april they will be no more! i found out today and had a mini panic attack. proof that i do not do well with change.

  15. Gosh I love the new layout. Off to check out these sponsahs.

  16. Your new blog design is fabulous girl ;)


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