October 31, 2011

Game Day.


Which seems like the appropriate greeting after my very Texas-themed weekend!  Yep, totally had a blast watching the Longhorns kick some boo-tay alongside Shalyn and Drew Drew Hot Pants and (blogless) Kelly and her husband, James.  Our mansnacks all met for the first time, and that went well (phew!). 

Oh, and HAPPY HALLOWEEN, everyone!  I have zero fun plans for today… isn’t that awesome?  Then again, Halloween has never really been my thing, so NBD. 

Switching gears here, might I remind you that tomorrow is November 1st?  November being the month before Christmas?  *AND MY BIRTHDAY* *WHICH IS DECMEBER 5th* *YOU MAY SEND GIFTS*


Anyway, here’s some great shots from game day.  It was my very first time attending a Longhorns game, and luckily they killed it, 43-0.  Being the fair weather fan that I am, I was quite pleased. ;)  Have a great Monday, everyone!

weekend oct 29 0305

oct292 weekend oct 29 071 2

weekend oct 29 0503 weekend oct 29 065 oct29


October 30, 2011

A recommendation.

Hey all you beauty buffs out there!  This isn’t a paid endorsement or anything, but I just wanted to tell you guys about a great new product I discovered this weekend.  When I find something I really like, I want to spread the word about it!

So, I’ve mentioned how I have a ridiculous number of white hairs already, right?! I blame it on bad genetics and my tendency to stress/freak out over almost nothing on a regular basis, dating right back to childhood and my unusual concerns over crapping my pants in public or immaculately conceiving a child, Virgin Mary style.  So yeah.  Premature aging happened.

I used to pull out the white hair, but recently I went ahead and just started dying it.  This weekend I decided to try a different kind of dye than usual, and I really loved it!  It’s by L’oreal, and it’s called Sublime Mousse.  Instead of a sticky, goopey gel, it’s a mousse that’s a bit easier to apply, is less smelly, and washes out so, so much more quickly and easily then others I’ve tried.  Plus, the conditioner it comes with smells amazing.

For an at home dye kit, this one is pretty awesome.  And it costs nine bucks at Target.  Cheap + Awesome = Freaking Really Awesome.  Yup. 

Happy Sunday. :)


If you’re interested, you can order the hair color here.


October 28, 2011

Spotlight on…

Hello and happy Friday!  I have a brand new blog and two great Etsy shops to introduce today, so I hope you’ll take a moment to check ‘em out! 

Up first is Julie, who just started up a brand new lifestyle blog called The Semi-Reformed Nerd.  Great title, eh? 


Julie is a snarky and silly Texas girl; you’ll love her sarcasm as well as the fabulous recipes she posts on a consistent basis!  Go support her new blog and follow her on Twitter.

* * * * *

Next is a wonderful Etsy shop called Earrings Nation—but don’t be fooled, more than just earrings are sold here!  Below are a few of my favorite items from the shop:


Earrings Nation also specializes in wedding and bridesmaids jewelry. Go visit!

* * * * *

And last but not least, I’d like to send you over to Colette Paperie, one of my very favorite Etsy shops for adorable handmade greeting cards.  The shop owner sent me 4 cards of my choice, and I absolutely love them.  Here are the ones I chose!


I urge you check out the rest of the cards, though, because some are downright HILARIOUS.  And please use the discount code SUPER for 15% off your purchase! Yay! Shop here!

* * * * *

Happy Friday!


October 27, 2011


cold front 010 7

A cold front blew in this afternoon… perfect weather for peppermint hot tea or hot chocolate, for hot baths and good books.  I might just have all of the above.

I’ve had a weird day today.  Kind of a down day.  During that happy time of the month (read: the NOT happy time), I sometimes become overwhelmed with sadness… like I’m in some heavy fog I can’t escape from. 

And I usually just let myself feel it.  I don’t take it too seriously.  I write it off as a chemical imbalance, because that’s exactly what it is.  Sometimes, it’s good to just let yourself feel it.  And then to let it go. 

As the wind picked up this afternoon, I could sense that something new and crisp was blowing in, which also meant that something old and stale was blowing out. I willed that this cloud I’m in would blow along out with it, and I’m beginning to feel it go. Thank God for the seasons, for change!   That nothing ever stays the same—that WE don’t stay the same.  Embrace the seasons, and never compare your season to someone else’s. Theirs will one day change as well, or maybe it’s not what it seems like, anyway. 

Here’s a favorite quote of mine:

And could you keep your heart in wonder at the daily miracles of your life, your pain would not seem less wondrous than your joy; And you would accept the seasons of your heart, even as you have always accepted the seasons that pass over your fields.  (From The Prophet by Kahlil Gibran)

Hope you have a nice evening, everyone! The weekend is just around the corner. :)


October 26, 2011

Just another day in the life… you know, end of the world preparation and houses on fire and stuff.

When I woke up this morning I knew immediately that it would be a two cup of coffee type of day.  And those types don’t happen all too often for me.

I dreamed about the end of the world again last night, and once again, I forgot to pack important provisions during evacuation, like deodorant and contact solution and dog food.  I woke up feeling really anxious and happy it was a dream.

Why do I have these types of dreams, you ask?  Because my husband is amazing and drills it in my head that WE. MUST. BE. PREPARED. FOR. ANYTHING!!!  For instance, do YOU have a six month supply of dehydrated food, water, and an enormous emergency bag stuffed with every imaginable item one might need in the event of a cataclysm/AKA-the-attack-of-the-zombies?  I didn’t think so.  And don’t come knockin’ on our door looking for a handout when the time comes, either!  We’ll be locked up in our panic room munching on MREs and listening to our hand crank radio.

Just kidding, we don’t have a panic room.

Did you know that Matthew also has an emergency man satchel?  It’s basically like a fully-stocked purse, except way more rugged.  Here’s a picture of him with it:

One Year Anniv Fredericksburg 148boost storybook

Some of the items included in the satchel are as follows (most of these are his words):

  • blood clot and suture kit in case of gunshot wound or other laceration such as a stabbing
  • monocular to see distant enemies
  • mini hygiene kit
  • emergency straw water filter to drink water from puddles—filters the Ebola Virus, E. Coli, Giardia, etc
  • mini crowbar in case you need to boost a car (only in case of extreme emergency, of course)
  • caffeine pills (no one wants to be around Jenni when she hasn’t had her morning caffeine fix)
  • and many other amazing things

Kind of makes you and your purse filled with makeup and tampons feel lame, doesn’t it? (by the way, Matthew DOES have tampons in the satchel.  Came in quite handy when we were on our South America trip and another lady asked me if I had one.  I didn’t, but Matthew sure did.  The man is PREPARED.)

Anyway, I had no intention of talking to you about all this today, but we’ll go with it.  Lets get back to my weird morning, though, and let’s talk about how I sat down to write this blog post and saw smoke billowing past my window and then tore downstairs like a ninja because I was 100% certain that my house was on fire. 

But it turns out that the billowing “smoke” was just drifting steam from the dryer vent nearby. Close call.

Sure hope the rest of today is uneventful.  Happy Wednesday to you!jennisig

October 25, 2011

Pretty Colourful Vintage Giveaway!

Good Tuesday morning everyone!  I have another great giveaway for you today, this time from my favorite vintage Etsy shop, Pretty Colourful Vintage!

Up for grabs is a $25 shop credit that could buy you any one of the wonderfully inexpensive items in this shop!  Here’s just a little sampling of cool vintage finds for sale:


(all separate comments)

+ Visit the store and choose your favorite piece, then come back and tell us which it is in a comment!

For extra entries:
+ Follow the shop owner Virginie’s blog (it’s fabulous!!)
+ Follow Virginie on Twitter
+ Like Story of My Life on Facebook

Contest closes Saturday (10/29) at 11:59 PM.  Good luck!!!


October 24, 2011

Weekend Randoms, in bullet form.

+ This weekend I made a huge batch of white chicken chili, and we enjoyed it even though it wasn’t cold out.  Slowly but surely, I’m learning that happiness is a choice.  Sure, some things like weather and other external circumstances can effect your moods, but happiness itself will never find you if you look for it in anything or anyone but yourself.

+ This weekend I had a little too much wine, and it was fun to loosen up a bit.  Dating back to childhood, I’ve lived most of my life like an uptight middle aged woman, and I’ve vowed to have more fun in the future.  Not stupid fun, just FUN. 

+ This weekend we cooked some yummy meals, ate some delicious Mexican food out, and raided our local Krispy Kreme… and I don’t have a single picture to show for it.  Sometimes life should simply be enjoyed and not interrupted.  (but not very often… I have a blog here, people!)

+ This weekend I felt thankful.  While preparing chicken for dinner, I acknowledged that a living thing had given its life so we could eat, and I said a quiet “thank you.”  While returning some emails, I felt thankful that there are so many kind and good people in this world.  While watching movies with my husband, I felt thankful for laughter.  What would we do without it?

+ And finally, this weekend at “Dogtoberfest” here in Austin, I was reminded of why dogs are the very best things in the entire world.  We definitely weren’t able to bring Gracie and Cooper to Dogtoberfest (they haven’t exactly learned to distinguish between other dogs and an imminent threat that should be quickly destroyed), but STILL, it was a blast.  Here’s a few pictures to make you smile this Monday morning. :)

Dogtoberfest 031 Dogtoberfest 043 Dogtoberfest 047 Dogtoberfest 049 Dogtoberfest 059 Dogtoberfest 062 Dogtoberfest 064 Dogtoberfest 067 


October 21, 2011

Features on Friday

It’s that time again… time to make new friends! :) This morning I have a few more lovely ladies I’d like you to meet, starting with my dear friend Dana from the fabulous Wonder Forest!


The moment I stepped virtual foot into The Wonder Forest, I was in love.  And you will be too, I promise.  Dana is not only the mastermind/designer behind her beautiful blog, but she also runs an A++ shop AND does low-cost (beautiful!) blog designs.  This is one chic you definitely want on your team! Go visit!


Pretty Miss Stephanie runs a fitness and nutrition blog called Infinite Life Fitness.


Infinite Life Fitness provides its readers with great, healthy recipes, motivational posts on working out, staying fit, and eating right, and other helpful information for all you fit junkies out there… or those of us who just WISH we were fit junkies. ((this girl))  Go check out ILF!


Next up is Katie from the sweet blog Love Is Everywhere.

Katie  Awwwwww!

Love Is Everywhere is a lifestyle blog full of beautiful pictures and inspiring stories.  Katie’s self-professed goal is to start a Love Movement, and her blog beautifully illustrates her love for life.  Check it out here and make a sweet new friend. :)

That’s all for now!  Have a great Friday!


October 20, 2011

Did you know…? + giveaway winner!

Hey sweet friends!  I have very important matters to discuss with you today, so please take a couple minutes to read this over! :)

Many of you often leave me sweet comments, but because you don’t have certain settings in place, I’m not able to respond to you.   I occasionally reply to comments and ALWAYS try to answer questions posed in a comment, but a good number of you don’t have your email address added to your Blogger profile (if you’re a newer blogger, this probably means YOU, but some of you more seasoned bloggers have overlooked this setting as well!). 

Personally, I don’t like to respond to comments in-line (i.e. right in the comment window for everyone to see) because A) I have no idea if you’re going to come back and check to see if I responded (I know I, personally, never go back to a post to see if the blogger responded to me) and B) it just gets way too confusing replying that way!

So please consider making the changes I’m about to explain! If you don’t have your email address added to your Blogger profile, I guarantee you you’re missing out on opportunities to communicate directly with some of your favorite bloggers!  For example, I have it set to where a notification of each new comment comes directly to my email account.  For those of you with your email address added to your profile, I just hit “reply” directly from the email and type a note back to you that is sent right to YOUR email.  But if you haven’t added that setting, your comment is lumped into a group of people whom I can’t reply to without going directly to their blog (if they have one) and leaving a comment there. And unfortunately, I just don’t have time to do that anymore. I could go into all the details of why not, but I’ll spare you for now.

So, do yourself and all your bloggy friends a favor: go RIGHT NOW to your Blogger profile and check and see if you have this little link to your email beneath your profile picture.


If you don’t see that link that says “Email,” you are NOT up and running yet!  Go to your Blogger dashboard and click “edit profile” beside your little picture (if you’re using the old Blogger interface, that is—if you’re using the new interface, go to your dashboard and then click the dropdown arrow in the top right corner or your screen.  Then click edit profile).  Now check the box next to “show my email address.”


You can use any email address you’d like for this one (it doesn’t have to be the address you sign into Blogger with).

Capiche?  Please, please, pleeeease do this!  It just makes sense, and it makes replying to comments, answering questions, and maintaining relationships much more streamlined. :) And if you’re a seasoned blogger and this frustrates you as well, please spread the word and send your readers to this post so we’ll all be on the same page!

Thanks everyone!


PS - I accidentally deleted the random.org photo of the winner number, but it pulled comment number 60, so the winner of the Scentsy giveaway is…


Chistine!! Email me ASAP so Erin can send you your prize! :)

A Little Something Special

Hey kids! My Etsy shop has suffered some serious neglect lately, so I thought I’d offer a little special to shake things up a bit!

Please enjoy 30% off any purchase you make through the next week; just enter the code 30OFF at checkout!

BOCspecial copy

Go here to browse.


October 19, 2011

Food & Family <3

A couple nights ago I went over to my mom and Edd’s and, along with my step brother Eric, we all put together a really delicious, fall-like meal.  I found this Roasted Garlic Potato Soup recipe on Pinterest and had been wanting to try it, and boy oh boy was it SCRUMPTIOUS.  And it’s pretty low fat, unlike many potato soup recipes!  I highly recommend you try this one, especially if you’re a garlic fanatic like I am! 

But speaking of garlic, I found that the five heads the recipe called for was waaaay too much if you use the large bulbs like I did.  I guess there are much smaller bulbs available, but I got five big ones and I only ended up using two of them.  All you need is 1/4 cup of the garlic pulp, so buy your garlic bulbs accordingly.

Here are a few pictures from the evening.  Hope you’re all having a great week!

Dinner Oct 13 005

Dinner Oct 13 004Can you smell it? 

Dinner Oct 13 011 Dinner Oct 13 013 Dinner Oct 13 023 Salad with apples, cheddar, and walnuts (with apple vinaigrette)

Dinner Oct 13 043 Dinner Oct 13 047 Dinner Oct 13 050Amaaazing apple-cranberry crisp

IMG_1201Worst. picture. ever… but somehow I still love it. :)


October 18, 2011

SCENTSY giveaway!

Hey friends!  Tuesday brings another fabulous giveaway, this time from your new Scentsy consultant Erin! She’s giving away this adorable little Halloween plug-in warmer and a delicious fall scent bar, Pumpkin Marshmallow…


Since Halloween is coming upon us quickly. this giveaway will only be open throughout today (Tuesday) and all of tomorrow (Wednesday), and I will choose a winner Thursday morning so Erin can get the winner’s spoils right out to her in time to enjoy before the holiday. :)

To enter to win, you must do ONE of these two things:
(feel free to do both for two entries, leaving a separate comment for each!)

+ Sign up for Erin’s Scentsy newsletter here
+ LIKE her Scentsy page on Facebook
(but like I said, feel free to do both for two separate entries!)

+ For FIVE additional entries (separate comments for each), make a purchase through the Story of My Life party listed HERE! (Erin will send anyone who makes a purchase a free gift, as well!)
+ Tweet about the giveaway and provide link to this post for one last entry!

Good luck!jennisig

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