September 30, 2011

A few new faces

Good FRIDAY morning!  The weekend is SO close!!  Weekends have taken on a whole new meaning to me now that they’re basically the only quality time I get to spend with my husband! 

But for now this morning I’d like to direct your attention to a few of my awesome sponsors!  Check ‘em out, ok?

First up is the seriously awesome Miss Raven from A Momma’s Desires and Pacifiers.


I know, she’s hot.  :P  And her blog is SO much more than just a “mommy blog.”  I find myself laughing out loud every single I time I’m over there… chic is FUNNY.  And REAL.  No pretenses on this blog, y’all.  Go check it out.


Next is a reeeeally sweet Etsy shop called Marolsha.  Here are just a few of the fabulous finds in this shop:


On top of the already awesome prices, readers of this blog were offered at 10% discount on any purchase! Just enter the code STORYOFMYLIFE at checkout. :)  Get shopping!


And last but not least we have Sara from The Hinton Hookup!


Sara writes about life with her husband and their cute little pup.  Their little family is about to move into a new home, so we’ll all have the opportunity to follow their new adventure!  So check out The Hinton Hookup!

Have a nice Friday!jennisig

September 29, 2011

Wimberley, Texas (something fun)

Yesterday my mom and I spent the afternoon in the little touristy town of Wimberley, taking silly pictures and complaining about the 98-degrees-in-almost-October heat.  Despite the weather not being ideal, I was happy to spend time with my mommy. Weird and funny things happen every. single. time we’re together… I tried writing out some of the odd experiences we had yesterday, but somehow they get lost in translation.  It’s one of those “you had to be there” type of things.

But trust me, it was fun. :) Hence, the fact that I’m using the following pictures to count towards day 11 of the photo challenge, “something fun...” 

 Wimberley 274

Wimberley 051   Wimberley 019

Wimberley 106 Wimberley 287I want this!

Wimberley 125 Wimberley 273

Wimberley 176 Wimberley 187 Wimberley 199

Wimberley 202YES. 

(I’m now half done with book 3, by the way)

Wimberley 208 Wimberley 200

Wimberley 221

Wimberley 211 Wimberley 237 Wimberley 238 Wimberley 248 Creepy?  Or AWESOME.

Wimberley 255    

Happy Thursday, friends. :)


September 27, 2011

The Little People In Gonzo’s Stomach


There has been some interest in hearing what my “The Little People In Gonzo’s Stomach” story from this post was about.  And by “some interest” I mean about two people seemed mildly curious.  So naturally, I decided to dedicate an entire post to it.  Because really, the story is kind of awesome.  And none of you fools better steal my work and try and go get published.  I WILL come after you.

Readers, please keep in mind that I was about 8 when this was written.  You can decide if that made me a genius or just a very strange child…


***Spelling and punctuation has been edited as needed.

***Don’t worry, it’s short.

The Little People In Gonzo’s Stomach

Selipe, get back here with that candy!”

All six of the little people in Gonzo’s stomach were chasing Selipe.  You see, once in a while (well actually A LOT), Gonzo would eat candy.  When Gonzo swallowed, the best part of whatever he ate would go to them.  Sometimes they didn’t get anything because what Gonzo ate was disgusting.  For instance, lima beans or spinach.  That’s why Gonzo insisted on eating yummy things like chocolate cake for an appetizer, hot dogs for an entree, and styrofoam cups for dessert.  EVERY time Gonzo ate candy or anything sweet, Selipe would run with it until he got to his secret hiding place.  It was a tube that was very easy to climb into but was camouflaged.  But this time his friends caught him in the very act of climbing into his secret tube. 

After Tedroito had given Selipe a huge lecture, Patricia split the candy.  After they finished their candy, they were all stuffed and satisfied—except Selipe, who said he could have eaten a pound or two more.  But they all decided it would be a good idea to take a nap. 

* * *

BANG!!  Bang!

All five of the little people woke up with a start.  WAKE UP JAUNITO, WAKE UP TEDROITO, WAKE UP SELIPE, WAKE UP MANUEL, WAKE UP JUANITA, WAKE UP PATRICIA!!!!!

Gonzo’s stomach was shaking and they could tell Gonzo was pounding on it. 

“We’re up, we’re up!” Manuel screamed up the tube that led out of Gonzo’s throat.

“Come on out you lazy little people!” Gonzo yelled at them.

“We are not lazy!” Selipe said dejectedly.

“Are too.”

“Are not.”

“Are too.”


“Okay! Okay! We’ll be out in a few minutes,” Juanita said. “And you better not try that dirty trick again Gonzo!”

You see, last time they tried to climb up the tubes to get out of Gonzo, he kept eating and eating (on purpose), because you know how the food you eat slides down your tongue and through tubes and falls into your stomach?  Well, since Gonzo kept eating while the little people were climbing up the tubes, the food would keep coming and they would all tumble back down into Gonzo’s stomach.  So-o-o, it took them almost an hour to get out of Gonzo.

“I won’t try my trick again.” Gonzo promised.


Jaunito, Tedroito, Selipe, Manuel, Juanita, and Patricia started climbing up the tubes that led out of Gonzo.



I told you it was awesome. 


PS – Some credit should definitely go to Gonzo, an old family friend, who I believe helped me with the names of the (amazing) characters and who liked to eat styrofoam cups.

September 26, 2011

I feel 14 again.

I definitely don’t consider myself a pop literature whore.  I mostly skip over the really popular books, just cause I’m a rebel like that. 

But I was at the grocery store the other day and, during a weak moment when I was missing Harry Potter and longing for another series to obsess over, I picked up the first Twilight book.  Then, without really thinking, I threw it in my cart.  Mostly so no one would see me holding it.

Actually, that was yesterday.  And I finished it today (wrote this Sunday).  And then I went out to get the rest.  And the movies. 

Vampires?  Sexy.

Actual conversation between me and Matthew:

Me: I kind of wish you were a vampire.  That’d be hot.

Matthew: Ummm… WOW.

Me: I’m serious.

Matthew: Want me to bring home some fake vampire teeth?

Me: I think I would like that.

Matthew: Hey, whatever works.

          * * *

Yep, it’s true.  I think I love Twilight now.  I know, I know—only a few years late.  But what a deliciously ridiculous story.  Now excuse me while I go devour the second book.   

(I’m calling this research.  It’s important that I know what the public likes to read.)


twilight via


P.S. If you haven’t read the books for yourself, don’t you dare judge me.

September 23, 2011

Fall sneak peak!

Fall is in the air here this morning.  Or perhaps I should rephrase that and say the temperature is comfortable and mildy cool here this morning which, in Texas, is the equivalent of “fall in the air.”  We take what we can get.

I’ve begun to put out some Fall decorations here and there, and it just makes me happy to see them around my home.  I’m not quite done yet, but here’s a little sneak peak…

Fall sneek peek 005 Fall sneek peek 016 Fall sneek peek 028 Fall sneek peek 040 Fall sneek peek 046

I’ll show you the bigger picture SOON! :) Hope you all have a really nice weekend! 


September 22, 2011

Something I made

Good morning my friends!  I’ve been stuck on day 9 of the photo challenge (“faceless self portrait”), and I’ve decided to skip it for now.  Maybe I’ll come back to it, maybe I won’t.  But for day 10 (“something I made”), I wanted to share an idea with you that’s been working really well for me and Matthew!

He has classes every week day and goes to the gym super early, so breakfast is usually hurried.  For the past few weeks I’ve been making him a huge batch of oatmeal on Sunday and freezing it so he’ll have a serving for every day of the week!  You can add different kinds of fruit to each one for a little variety, and I also throw in toasted walnuts and a spoonful of flaxseed powder.

This is a great solution for people who are in a hurry weekday mornings but still want to eat healthy!

oatmeal fixins white flesh peaches, blueberries, toasted walnuts, and flaxseed meal

oatmeal & GC 011 oatmeal & GC 023 oatmeal & GC 031 

Just follow the directions on the back on the oatmeal container and add your favorite fruits!  I also add brown sugar and cinnamon, and I always cook the oatmeal with skim or low fat milk. 

If you love apples, apple cinnamon oatmeal is great too!  Just cut up the apples and cook them in with the oatmeal so they’ll be softer (unless you like them crunchy!).

The time it takes to reheat from frozen will vary depending on your microwave, but I nuke mine on high about three minutes, stir, then, heat it a few minutes more.

Maybe this idea could make some of your mornings a little easier!  Give it a try! :)


PS - A huge, huge thank you to those who donated to help buy beds for the Noel Orphanage.   We haven’t raised $2600 as I’d dreamed we could (not even a tiny bit close), but every single little bit helps! (see this post if you want to make as little as a $2 donation to make a difference for some sweet children. If not you… who?)

September 20, 2011

I have a favor to ask of you.

Hello my friends!  I have a very important post for you today, and I’d like to start by introducing you to Jenn, one of the two lovely ladies behind Bend the Light Photography—they shot our engagement, bridal, and wedding portraits!  (San Antonians, I highly recommend these girls!)

Jenni and Matt E-session-1045

Jenni's bridal-1194  Matthew and Jenni-1395

Jenn herself shot our engagement session, my bridal session, and was there in the room with us when my girls and I were getting ready for the ceremony, so I feel some sort of special bond with her (even though I know she meets new brides weekly)! 

I’ll never forget the way my bouquet was delivered with stupidly long stems, and as I fumbled to trim them with little time and dull scissors sent up by the hotel, Jenn noticed my distress when no one else did and took the scissors and the bouquet away from me to cut the stems herself.  (Maybe she was afraid I would stab someone or hurt myself, but that’s beside the point).

Anyway, Jenn and her husband Chris are in the process of adopting a child from Africa, and I have enjoyed following their beautiful adoption blog, Pure and Lasting.  Jenn and Chris are truly amazing and good people whom I admire very much.  Here’s a photo of the two of them together!


They recently took a trip to an orphanage in Africa and wrote an incredible post about the need these children have for a clean place to sleep at night.  There are over 600 children living there, and to quote the post, “every night, there are children who lay their heads down to sleep on the ground, children who curl up on old, dirty mattresses, children who sleep with multiple other children on small mattresses.”  These sleeping conditions lead to illnesses, bed bug bites, and overall poor health.   That all sounds awful, yes, but it’s probably 1000% more heartbreaking to see in person, as Jenn and Chris did.

It’s easy to turn your face from something like this.  It doesn’t directly effect you.  You may never see exactly how any money you donate is used.  You’ll probably never meet a child who benefited from a bed you helped to buy.

But I think that, when it comes to things like this, we just have to trust in people like Chris and Jenn, who saw the need with their own eyes and have made it their personal mission to rouse others to do something about it.

And I firmly believe that if you do, you’ll receive the blessing back.  In one way or another.

sleep1 sleep2 sleep3

I donated a little myself, and thought about how awesome it would be if everyone who reads this post donates just TWO dollars.  Probably about 1300 of you will read this, and if everyone donates a minimum of two bucks?  We’d make $2600 which would buy about TWENTY bunk beds for FORTY children!  (cost per bed is $135.) Each bed even comes with a life saving mosquito net and a Bible.

So if you want to make a tiny little difference in the world that could add up to something great, I urge you to check out Jenn’s posts on the orphanage or just head right over to to donate. In the comment section, enter the code: VORW11 or mention Noel Orphanage. You can skip the e-card section. After you donate, please leave a comment here or at Pure and Lasting with the amount so that Jenn can keep track of their goal. You should be proud of anything you donate, even if it’s just a couple dollars. :)

Thanks friends!!


PS – If you’d like to help spread the word about this post and how donating only TWO dollars can help change the lives of some really special kids, please spread the word on Facebook and Twitter!  WE CAN MAKE A DIFFERENCE FOR THESE KIDS! :)

September 19, 2011

Something is wrong with the Universe.

Do you remember this post from a little while back?  The one where I ranted on my crappy neighbors and how unfriendly everyone is around here?  Well, this morning, while out walking Gracie and Cooper, I had a very different experience than usual.

Joggers waved and said hello.  A cute little old oriental couple happily said, “good morning!” Everyone I passed smiled—nay—beamed at me.  So much so that the moment I got back to my house I checked the mirror to make sure there was nothing wrong with my face. 

I even saw Billy the creeper out walking all four of his Welsh Corgies, and we exchanged pleasantries (as I gave him a very wide berth).  Of course all four horrible dogs erupted into a fit of frenzied barking the moment they saw me (exactly like they do every. single. time. he lets them out to potty), but there was even something refreshing about that.  People were acknowledging my existence!  The world has taken some sort of funny turn on its axis and suddenly my neighborhood has become… friendly!

Maybe this is just a fluke.  Maybe tomorrow they’ll all pass by without so much as eye contact.  But this morning?  That was amazing. And it started my day out right… really, my whole week!  See what you can do for someone, just by smiling kindly and saying good morning?

Speaking of smiling…

GC playing 018 GC playing 022 

Are those not the cutest little dang faces you ever did see?  Just say yes.


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