June 30, 2011

I miss this place…


New York City. Photo by Vivienne Gucwa, via

The last time I was there was in September of last year… the month this little blog was born.

It was just before I fell really hard in love with photography and capturing life with a lens.  And also just before I really discovered my own sense of style (blogging really helped me out with that, interestingly).

And now… now I dream of going back there, armed with my camera and a little more confidence.  Heck, you wanna know what I REALLY dream of?  A tiny little pre-war apartment on a tree-lined street of the Upper East Side, with scuffed wood floors and a little desk by a window with sunlight streaming in.

You know what’s funny?  Just to the left of my desk here at home is a window, and outside that window is the brick wall of our neighbor’s house. That’s all you see when you look out: brick.  And, oddly, it’s always been my favorite thing about this room.  Because brick reminds me of New York (remember our dining room?).  And sometimes, I pretend like I’m in that little NYC apartment that I know I’ll have one day, and I pretend like that brick outside my window is just the building next door.

June 30 019

It’ll happen one day.  But for now, it’s nice to dream.  :)


A triple dose.

Why, hello!

I’d just like to direct your attention to a few guest posts I’ve written lately!  Basically, it’s 3 for 1 day. You’re welcome.

First, I’m over at Olive + A writing about my top 3 travel ESSENTIALS.  And FYI, Heather, the blogger behind the blog, is a cute mama and design enthusiast who brings her readers inspiration and beautiful things from all over the web!  Check her out.

oa Next, I’m over at The Nelson Diaries talking about making good choices.  You know, my usual random introspective ramblings.  And also?  Shalyn and I are both Austinites, and she’s awesome and funny and an amaaazing photographer. (Like, legit.  She has her own business.)  So, yeah.  You’d love her (if you don’t already!).


And lastly, I’m over at Bloom talking a little more about travel and throwing around big words to sound intelligent.  Oh, and if you haven’t met Nicole, the brains behind Bloom, I’m proud to be the one to introduce her to you. She’s only THE sweetest chick in Blogland.  I suggest you get to know her!


Alrighty, that should keep you busy for a while.

Go forth and conquer!



June 29, 2011

Polka dots are friendly!

My Grandma always told me that polka dots are friendly.  I don’t know exactly why she said this and whether or not it was based on factually derived evidence, but to this day I can’t look at a polka dot without thinking to myself, damn…. how FRIENDLY!

So naturally, I love that there are lots of polka dots everywhere this season.  Also naturally, I HAD to buy this dress.  And it’s kind of my favorite thing in my closet right now.  Wearing it makes me feel pretty. 

And friendly, too, of course.

outfit June 26 006

 outfit June 26 010        outfit June 26 024  

outfit June 26 064  This one totally looks like I’m sniffing my armpit, which is why I had to include it.

outfit June 26 069

{ Dress: Fab’rik, Shoes: Jessica Simpson, Bag: Aldo, Hat: Banana Republic, Bracelet: Express, Necklace: American Eagle }

So there you have it.

Have a friendly Wednesday!


June 28, 2011

It’s been a while, and…

I think we need to have a giveaway.  Yes. Yes, we do.

And I think it should be a really awesome one!  Maybe… a $50 shop credit to buy whatever your little heart desires at CAPow??!!


I know.  Pretty sweet deal.  $50 could actually buy you quite a few things there!

Here are a few of the super fun prints you could choose if you win:


cap2 cap5 cap8

cap6   cap4

No joke, there is something for EVERYONE’s taste in this shop!

**To enter to win, please be a Google Friend Connect or Bloglovin follower and leave a comment below (only mandatory entry)!**


--visit CAPow on Etsy and come tell me what you love

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--Tweet about the giveaway ($50 shop credit giveaway at http://storyofmylifetheblog.blogspot.com! Enter to win sweet photo, art, and map prints!)

A winner will be chosen at random on Saturday.  Good luck! :)


June 27, 2011

Blate = awesome.

Meeting blogging friends in “real” life is awesome, y’all.  I highly recommend it.  You know why?  Because so far, every blogging friend I’ve met has been exactly how they seem on their blog—maybe even cooler, as was the case with Miss Emily from Em=Me

Her and her husband just moved from Chicago to San Antonio, which is splendid because San Antonio is just a little over an hour’s drive from Austin, and I’m there often.  Emily and Nick are also doctors, which is equally splendid, because now I have someone to call when I need guidance on embarrassing health-related matters (don’t worry Emily, I probably won’t even do that… very much).

Anyway, Emily and I met up for pancakes (at Magnolia Pancake Haus, only THE most delicious pancake joint ON PLANET EARTH), and we had SUCH a nice time chit-chatting.  Interestingly, not even all that much of the talk was about blogging. Which is what I LOVE about blog friends.  You already know them, and you have plenty to talk about.

Here are a few pictures from our breakfast!

Blate with Em 007  Blate with Em 008Ridiculously pretty, no?

Blate with Em 016 GET IN MA BELLY!!!

Blate with Em 027 Good bloggers always have their cameras. Always.

Blate with Em 032 Blate with Em 034

Three things can be deduced from the above photos: 1) Emily is hot, 2) I need to probably NEVER go out in public without wearing three inch heels lest I bump into 5’8 hotties like Emily, and 3) I desperately need a tan. (UPDATE: I took care of that at the pool this weekend. I now look like a lobster. Awesome!)

But seriously, Emily was such a warm and sweet person.  And beautiful to boot.  I’ll take another blate, please. :)

You guys do anything fantabulous this weekend??

Happiest of Mondays to you.


June 26, 2011

Update on Edd!

Hey, friends.

Sorry I’ve been so quiet this weekend!  A lot has been going on… most notably, a real-life date with with Emily from Em=Me (which went fantastically!)… and lots of worrying and stressing about Edd.

I want to tell you all about the blate (blate = blog date, coined by Megan!), but for now I just want to say thank you so, SO much for your prayers for Edd and supportive comments and tweets this weekend.  They mean more to me then you could ever know! 

Things got really, really scary for Edd over the past few days.  It really wasn’t looking good, and we were all extremely worried. Two nights ago, as I lay in bed knowing my mom and Edd were still at the hospital and suffering immensely each in their own way, I had a truly honest conversation with God… the first in a while.  I cried (hard).  Cursed.  I really got angry, and I told Him all about it.  And you know what? It was the first time I felt truly heard.  I’m not saying He wasn’t listening before, but I think honesty was what God really wanted from me.  And I felt relieved.

Then this morning, we were given a little miracle. It’s kind of a long story, and my mom explained it all on a post HERE on her blog.  Read it if you’d like more details.  Bottom line: sometimes things happen that just can’t be explained.  God doesn’t always scream His presence, but he DOES still whisper it.  And today, he gave us a little miracle.

And I just thought you all should know. :)


June 24, 2011

Molly Maid Day

Do you remember this post at the beginning of the year where I ranted about keeping up with household chores better and how I planned to write everything down on my little desk calendar and stuff?

Yeah, that plan crashed and burned by February.  As do many New Year’s Resolutions, I suppose.  But I have since found a system that works much better for me—and I think that’s what it’s all about: finding what works for YOU and your unique situation.

So basically, Friday is my cleaning day.  I keep up with small chores like vacuuming and laundry during the week, but Friday is the day I set aside for dusting, mopping, organizing (fridge, pantry, closets, etc), scrubbing toilets, cleaning showers… you get the picture.

It really works well for me, and has cut out on a lot of the guilt I’d been feeling on a regular basis.  For example, I would see that the floors were dirty or the fridge needed to be cleaned and then just felt guilty if I didn’t have time or didn’t want to do it.  But now that I know Friday is cleaning day, I see what needs to be done, and know that I will do it on Friday. 

And you know what’s really weird? I LOOK FORWARD to Fridays.  I actually get excited about them.  I love the feeling of accomplishment when it’s all finished. 

I know not everyone has a whole day to set aside for cleaning, but maybe a couple hours on Wednesday night? Or Sunday afternoon?  If keeping up with it each day doesn’t work well for you, I highly recommend setting aside a certain time each week to get stuff done!

So on this happy Friday, as you go about your business and if you happen to think of me, you can picture me scrubbing toilets to “ET” by Katy Perry or perhaps dancing around the house to “Teach Me How to Dougie,” (Don’t Google those, Mom).

Or wait, here.  I found a heavily edited version of Teach Me How to Dougie.  You’re welcome.

I ain’t from Dallas, but I D-town boogie.


PS – Please pray for Edd today. He’s been in the hospital for two days with severe, severe nausea.   Thanks, friends.

June 22, 2011

The Internet scares me sometimes

I think it’s time for another episode of “Crazy Google Search Terms That Led People to My Blog…” don’t you?

Because, dear readers, apparently the creepers are out in full force.  And it’s good for a laugh.  So here goes.

CRAAAAAZY Google Search Terms That Led People To My Blog

(with commentary by yours truly)


1),  2), and 3) “It’s not even noon and I want to kill myself” and “I want to kill people for fun” and “getting angry really easily that you just want to kill” (What is up with all of the killing?? Creepers.)

4) “Elephant storage container” (That would be a very large container. Try tupperware.com, maybe?)

5) “How have lava cakes affected my life?” (Umm, wow.  Good question?)

6) “Embarassing boob incident” (I assume this person was probably led to my first vlog in which an embarrassing boob incident WAS mentioned… but the real question is, why are you Googling that, weirdo?!)

7) “Can I put a fake tan on my skin graft?” (I’m really not sure what to say here.)

8) Dirty mother in law pics (Ok, I just threw up in my mouth a little. Whoever searched this one DEFINITELY didn’t find what they were looking for!)

“Young, married, lifestyle blogs, fake” (I resent this search term.)

10) “Women lose value with age” (How RUDE!)

11) “Chocolate cake from Jesus.” (If you find some, let me know! It’d probably have less fat and calories and stuff.)

12) “u n ur mom both really look cute” (thanx but U R creepy, get off the Internet!”)

Lol, tty l8r, bye!


PS – all search terms found with Google Analytics

PPS – Check out part 1 and part 2!

June 21, 2011

Cowgirl for a day!

I have to admit, I changed back into gym shorts and a t-shirt immediately after shooting these outfit pictures (in other words, I don’t normally go frolicking around the ranch in a dress and heels).

But when I discovered this dress gathering dust in my closet a couple weeks ago, I scratched my head and wondered why I hadn’t worn it in two years.  And then I thought, “hey, this would look cute with a cowboy hat!'”

And then I thought, “hey, I’ll take some outfit pictures in this at the ranch!”

Which leads us to today, and this very post.  

One thing that blogging and fashion blogs have done for me is teach me that I don’t HAVE to shop at exclusively expensive stores in order to have nice clothes.  The dress I’m wearing below was something ridiculous like twenty bucks, but I think that’s why I never really wore it.  Maybe the greater amount of money I spent on an outfit back then, the more confident I felt wearing it.

But I’m glad to say that is no longer the case.  Sure, I still love shopping at pricier stores sometimes, but it’s become something of a game for me to see just how cheap I can get away with being and STILL feel pretty and proud in my clothes.

And given the current state of things in this country, couldn’t we ALL use to spend a little less… and still look GREAT?

I say yes.

 Ranch June 18 329

Ranch June 18 280  Ranch June 18 338 - Copy Ranch June 18 274

Ranch June 18 319

Ranch June 18 321

{ Dress: A’gaci, Shirt: J.Crew, Belt: Forever21, Shoes: Aldo, Hat: Matthew’s, Necklace: F21, Bracelets: Seasonal Whispers }

I would also just like to mention that while my mother in law and I were in this huge field taking pictures, a Wildebeest stood about 100 yards away for at least 15 minutes, completely transfixed.  He was making funny sounds, and I’m fairly certain he wanted us to be his new girlfriends.  I was flattered.



June 20, 2011


And the winner of the Paperface Studio giveaway is…



Woohoo!! I’m happy for you, Sarah! :)


Ten *notable* things I did this weekend.

This weekend we packed up our little family and headed to the ranch, where several **notable things happened.

**the term notable above is used loosely, at best.

1) Took some pics of Gracie and Cooper in the car, just before Cooper vomited the entire contents of his stomach onto the seat. 

Ranch June 18 008

Ranch June 18 022

2) Saw a couple grass fires on the way there. It’s dry and hot as hell here in Texas—so much so that things and people are starting to spontaneously combust. 

Ok, not people (and not really things, either).  But stepping out-of-doors DOES kind of make you feel like you might actually burst into flames.

Ranch June 18 005(poor guy in machine thingee frantically dumping dirt on fire)

3) Saw pigs. Took pictures.

Ranch June 18 030

4) Saw these things.  Took more pictures.

Ranch June 18 031 Ranch June 18 036   

5) Saw a bunny and immediately named him Benjamin (original, I know).

Ranch June 19 012 

6) Watched Gracie swim her little heart out in the pool

Ranch June 18 134

Ranch June 18 098

Ranch June 18 232

Ranch June 18 039   Ranch June 18 107  FIL and Gracie

 Ranch June 18 059MIL and Gracie

Ranch June 18 147Me and Gracie biting at the water (ok, so I’m only pretending to)

Ranch June 18 153

7) Watched Cooper WATCH Gracie play in the water

Ranch June 18 122(he is the laziest dog maybe EVER)

Ranch June 18 137(Matthew took Cooper out on a floatie once, but the poor little guy hated it)

8) Learned how to make hot dog Octopi

Ranch June 18 185 Ranch June 18 193

9) Looked for more rocks for my collection (what?).

Ranch June 18 202

Ranch June 18 209 

10) Took ranch-inspired outfit pics, coming tomorrow!


How was YOUR weekend?  Spend some time with your daddies?

Have a nice Monday!!!


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