May 31, 2011

Scenes from the weekend

It’s Tuesday, but it feels like Monday, and I’m confused.  Long weekends will do that to ya.

Have a nice Memorial Day, everyone?  We did.  And I have a random little assortment of pictures to show for it.

DaywithMeg 003 DaywithMeg 013 DaywithMeg 016 DaywithMeg 026 DaywithMeg 035

Saturday we went to a bar-b-q on Medina Lake near San Antonio—which I complained heavily about beforehand since I wouldn’t know a soul there, though it ended up being really fun!

Yesterday I got together with my BFF Megan (in San Antonio again) and we spent the day shopping and making cupcakes which are now tantalizing me from the kitchen.  Why do I do this to myself?

DaywithMeg 055 DaywithMeg 061

(Sorry, didn’t take any pics of the cupcakes after they were iced, and I’m too lazy to do it now)

Hope you all had a fun and relaxing weekend!


May 30, 2011

Peru, last day. Machu Picchu!

Well, this it folks: the last of my vacation recap posts. 

And to be honest, though I’ve enjoyed reliving this trip and documenting some of it here, I’m ready to move on to something else.  To real life.  To some things that have been on my mind.  To some changes taking place—in my family, and in ME.

And no, those changes do not involve a fetus.  ;P

So let’s get on with it.  Today I’m going to tell you about (or mostly SHOW you) what transpired on the second to last day of our South America vacation—the day that made all the stress of the other days worthwhile (and yes, though the pictures I’ve shown you are beautiful, the trip wasn’t all fuzzy llamas and mountain vistas, so to speak).

But on that second to last day, we were lucky enough to visit one of the 7 ancient wonders of the world—Machu Picchu—which, if you don’t know much about it, is a 500 year old Incan masterpiece ruin at the very top of a mountain.

Some people make the 3 day trek to the top via what is called the Inca Trail, but our group took the Orient Express (Hiram Bingham) train to the mountain’s base (a three hour ride), and then a bus the rest of the way up (another 20 minutes).  

The train ride itself was magnificent—through mountains and valleys and over rivers and past villages and other ancient Incan ruins.  We ate and drank and took photos and dozed a little, and it was just overall a lovely, relaxing experience.  Here are a few pictures from the train…

Peru Day 3 107

Peru Day 3 023  Peru Day 3 064

Peru Day 3 058

Peru Day 3 030 Peru Day 3 002 Peru Day 3 008 Peru Day 3 014  Peru Day 3 082 

When we finally reached the base of the mountain that is home to Machu Picchu, we hopped on a bus and took the dusty, windy road to the top—where there was a little more hiking, for good measure. 

I hope you enjoy the rest of the pictures, though I assure you that not a single one of them even comes CLOSE to doing the place justice.  The scale of it simply cannot be captured in a picture.  When you reach the top of the mountain and Machu Picchu, you feel as if you're in the clouds, surrounded on all sides by the tops of mountains.  There were many instances where I wanted just to sob, simply because there was nothing else to do—it was SO MUCH—so beautiful.

Sometimes we forget how vast and how incredible this world is.  I was glad to be reminded of it.

Peru Day 3 115

 Peru Day 3 119 Peru Day 3 144

Peru Day 3 151 Peru Day 3 156 Peru Day 3 159 Peru Day 3 167 Peru Day 3 171 Peru Day 3 173 Peru Day 3 175 Peru Day 3 200

Peru Day 3 202

Peru Day 3 197   Peru Day 3 207 Peru Day 3 214 Peru Day 3 221 Peru Day 3 224 Peru Day 3 225 Peru Day 3 247 Peru Day 3 248 Peru Day 3 251 Peru Day 3 280

And those are just a few of my favorites!

If you ever get the chance to visit Machu Picchu, jump on it.  Seriously, it was the experience of a lifetime.

Happy Memorial Day to you—be safe, friends!


May 28, 2011

A evening at The Oasis

Oasis 047

On nights like last night, I am reminded of just why I’m so proud to live in this city. 

Austinites: can you believe that we’ve lived here for over a year and never made it out to Lake Travis?  A travesty, I tell you! (No pun intended! Hahaha)

Matthew and I went out to a restaurant called The Oasis last night, which overlooks the beautiful Lake Travis.  The restaurant is quite a touristy spot, known mostly for it’s fabulous views, I imagine (because the food was definitely nothing to rave about).  We sat out on the deck and, even despite the blazing heat and the fact that our drawers were drenched in sweat by the time we left, it was a nice time, and I was giddy with excitement to have discovered such a lovely spot in my own hometown. 

If we didn’t already dream of owning a boat and a lake house one day, we certainly do now!

Here are some pictures from the evening…

Oasis 063 Oasis 003 Oasis 011 Oasis 013 Oasis 018 Oasis 030 Oasis 041 Oasis 048 Oasis 050 Oasis 055

Have a lovely Saturday, friends.


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