April 28, 2011

Update on the status of my current Freak Out.

I have this problem.

It’s called decision making paralysis, and it’s responsible for approximately 75% of the reason why I always freak out before a big trip.  I’m wondering if any of you have this same problem?

To illustrate my point, allow me to a walk you through my day on Tuesday. 

I spent the entire day shopping for a new pair of shoes and a new outfit or two. First I went to TJ Maxx and found an amazing pair of Jessica Simpson nude pumps for forty bucks, but ultimately did not buy them, despite the fact that they were exactly what I wanted.  I felt that maybe there would be something better and cheaper somewhere else.

Then I went to Nordstrom Rack to return something and to look for shoes.  After being there approximately an hour and trying on multitudes of shoes, I left empty-handed, despite really loving a few of the pairs I tried on. 

My reasoning?  Well, there might be something better at the mall, where I was headed next.

So I went to the mall and decided to go to Forever 21, where I tried on about 15 things but, again, left empty handed.  I was headed to J.Crew next, and I thought I should probably save my money for there. 

I went to J.Crew and immediately felt overwhelmed upon walking in.  I let out little gasp after little gasp of joy as I found item after item that I loved desperately, and I tried on about 20 things.  But everything is just so darn expensive there, and I wanted everything, so again, I left empty-handed.  Feeling defeated and angry with myself. 

Then I went to three different shoe stores, ending up at Nordstrom where I spent too much on a pair of incredible heels that weren’t all that different from the $40 dollar pair at TJ Maxx.  Then I went home and, while modeling them for my husband, continued on to clumsily knock the two shoes together while walking, ripping the bow half off one of them.

Basically? I suck. 

And I’m really itchy.  Yup, the stress rash is in full swing.  I told you it would be.  (I only get it on my hands – isn’t that strange?  It’s attractive, too.)

Here are the shoes I got, that I will be super glueing later today.  Because I’m a classy girl.


Do any of you struggle with this type of decision making paralysis?  Have you figured out a way to tone it down?  Help a sistah out.


April 26, 2011


Friends, I have bittersweet news for you.

Bitter because it involves me being gone for a while.

Sweet because it involves some truly wonderful guest bloggers, and the fact that I’m going to South America.  On Saturday. 

Yep, you read that correctly.  South flippin’ America.  This blog is about to get a little bit more interesting, and I couldn’t keep it from you any longer.

So I just wanted to let you know that you should prepare yourselves emotionally for my absence in the blog world.  I’m going to say you should prepare yourself for my absence just in case, even though I know for a fact that I’m bringing my laptop and iPhone, and my severe Internet addiction will simply not allow me to stay away from Blog Land for an extended period of time (read: for more than 48 hours).

But yes, ‘tis true.  We leave Saturday for Chile, and we’ll also be visiting Argentina and Peru.  Please believe me when I say I’m not trying to brag—this could quite possibly be our last cool vacation for quite a while.  But I just wanted to mention sometime BEFORE Saturday so that I don’t just spring it on you Sunday and say “here I am in South America, since that is a perfectly normal place for people to be, etc, etc…”


Sidenote: I’m a little excited.  This is the first time I’ve gone anywhere cool armed with my beloved camera and some newfound skillz.  The pictures should be fabulous (by amateur standards).

And my step-bro is staying with the babies, so I can sleep easy at night (and actually enjoy myself during the day).

And since pictures of Gracie and Cooper are my default whenever I don’t have anything else for a visual aid, here you go:

Easter 2011 032


Things I still need to do before Saturday:

  • Get a haircut because my split ends are seriously grody
  • Dye my hair because I have so many whities (sounds better than grays) that it is becoming seriously depressing
  • Clean our entire house so that my step brother doesn’t know of the filth we regularly live in
  • Pack
  • Freak out
  • Get a stress rash

And that’s about it.  Yay!

I’ll write more before Saturday, but consider this a head’s up.  Fun shiz to come.


April 25, 2011

Easter, continued.

I am slowly coming down from my sugar high and preparing to face the disaster zone that is my kitchen my whole house, but I’m doing it all with a happy heart.

As you may have read yesterday, it was a GOOD weekend, and particularly a good Easter.  I think sometimes, during different parts of our lives, family holidays and events just become more meaningful, and you cherish them more. 

Also, since I started getting into photography, I seem to see the world through different eyes.  Everything is just more beautiful… more worthy of being remembered.  Interesting how that works.

Most of Saturday afternoon I spent baking and frosting cupcakes.  I only made two dozen, but I’m the world’s slowest and most meticulous baker.  I have this paralyzing fear of misreading the directions of a recipe and being a big fat screw-up.  So I check and recheck and then check my doublechecking. 

And then comes the frosting part.  Forget it.

A few pictures of the cupcakes?  If you insist.

(And fyi, I think my cupcake-baking string is over. I’m feeling a little burnt out.  But they sure are pretty, eh?)

Easter 2011 002 Easter 2011 004   Easter 2011 019  

Anyway.  I digress. 

Easter Sunday morning, Matthew and I headed over to my mom and Edd’s for a fabulous breakfast and wonderful conversation.

I love those two.

Easter 2011 043 Easter 2011 044 Easter 2011 052 Easter 2011 053 

My mommy had a little Easter surprise for me: some peeps (my fave), and a pair of lovely earrings from Flow Designs, which just happens to be one of my sponsors! :)

Easter 2011 073  Easter 2011 078  Purdy, huh?

And later, after breakfast…

(The weenie dog is my mom’s, Nicky.  He’s a very old baby.)

Easter 2011 104 Easter 2011 112  Poor Edd’s a baldy now.  Damn cancer.

 Easter 2011 122 Easter 2011 123 Easter 2011 125

Then we went over to spend time with Matthew’s side of the family.  There was tons of delicious food and great conversation and a little game a croquet.  ‘Twas marvelous.

Easter 2011 131 Me & my MIL :)

Easter 2011 139 Easter 2011 141 Easter 2011 142 Easter 2011 149 Easter 2011 168 I don’t know about you, but I think it’s pretty darn cool that her bottle says “born free” on it.

Easter 2011 173   Easter 2011 187     Easter 2011 209  Easter 2011 214 handsome husband.

Easter 2011 216 Matthew’s Grandma.  Isn’t she the cutest??

Easter 2011 221

And that about sums it up.  Just a darn nice weekend. 

And you know what?  I think it’s gonna be a great week.


April 24, 2011


Easter was a beautiful day for us.

Not the weather.  The weather actually kind of sucked. 

But the company. The food. The family. The pictures. The peeps.  My beloved, beloved peeps.

Easter 2011 068

It was just a darn good Easter.  I would even go as far as to say that it was my best one yet.  And while I have a lot more to say about it, I shall wait to do so until tomorrow.  Because right now, I’d just like to bask in the glow of a really wonderful day.

Until we meet again, I will leave you with a few more pictures from that lovely aforementioned Easter.

I hope all of you had a wonderful weekend!

Easter 2011 040 Easter 2011 061 Easter 2011 123  Easter 2011 147

Easter 2011 105


April 23, 2011

Ramblings of a Saturday

How come people don’t post on Saturdays?

Oh yeah.  They have lives, and they’re out doing all the fun things they’ll be posting about on Sunday and Monday.

Well, I don’t really fall into that category this morning.  I fall into the category of “staring-at-her-computer-screen-pathetically-waiting-for-someone-to-post-something-to-entertain-her.”

Gosh.  You people and your “lives.”     Pffft.

No but seriously, I have plenty to do, but my morning just doesn’t feel right until I waste a little time on the Internet and then feel guilty about it.  Feel me?

So, if you’re new around these parts, check out my about me page… I just updated it a li’l. 

Otherwise, be jealous that I’m about to make two dozen sinfully delicious cupcakes for Easter tomorrow. 

OK, only a dozen and a half are for Easter tomorrow.  The other six will probably be in ma belly by nightfall. Muhahahahaha.

Here’s a picture of Cooper on the couch beside me, just because.


He thinks he’s a real boy.

And he is.


April 22, 2011

A winner, and a pretty darn amazing online magazine…

Guess what?

It’s Friday.

Just thought I’d let you know.

And the winner of the Sarah Tucker Travel Photography giveaway iiiiis…

random2 winner 

CONGRATS, Morgan!!!  Email me, and I’ll get your info over to Sarah!


Also.  Bloggers.  This morning, a pretty darn amazing online magazine FOR bloggers (or for anyone, really) and BY bloggers launched its very first issue.  And I was so amazed by it, that I felt the need to share it immediately with all of YOU. 

Camilla from Champagne Bubbles and a few other fab bloggers are the masterminds behind this crazy-cool publication, and I think it could be big.  Check it out.

Happy weekend, friends!


April 20, 2011

A Very Eventful Day

I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again: without exception, weird stuff always happens when my mom and I hang out.  And today, we hung out. 

She picked me up at around 11:30, and we headed down to 6th street for lunch at Z Tejas (a yummy Mexican food joint with cool atmosphere and great patio dining).  First, we couldn’t find parking.  We drove around in circles for a while, becoming grouchier and hungrier by the moment, and then finally decided on a parking lot behind a store near the restaurant.  We didn’t see any signs that said the lot was only for a specific store, and I even made the comment that no one is likely enforcing any rules there may be, anyway. 

Not so. 

We got out of my Mom’s car and started walking in the direction of our lunch spot, when a haggard older woman approached from behind and rudely informed us that we couldn’t park where we had unless we were customers of her particular shop.  She pointed out the sign we had missed (since we had entered the lot from a different direction), and she practically followed us back to our car to ensure our compliance with the rules. 

And then I threatened to stab her with my shrimp fork.

No I didn’t. 

But I wanted to.

So we drove around another ten minutes and finally found a spot behind Z Tejas.  PHEW.

Then we were seated on the front patio, with the birds.

I should have known it would be an interesting lunch after a bird practically dive bombed me on the way into the restaurant; I literally had to jump out of its way.

So there we were, sitting outside and minding our own business, and the grackels were having a field day.  They were landing on people’s tables and stealing tortilla chips right out of the baskets, and one bird feasted his little self on BUTTER.  Yes, butter.  Right off a table.  It was the strangest thing. 


Day with Mom 033

It was entertaining, at least!  Thankfully, there were large umbrellas overheard, so we didn’t have to worry too much about getting pooped on.  Attacked, maybe, but probably not pooped on.

Here are a few more pictures from the day’s adventures…

Day with Mom 005

Day with Mom 006


Suspicious how my Mother matched the decor of the restaurant so perfectly…Day with Mom 011 Day with Mom 025 Day with Mom 027

Has kind of an evil gleam in its eye, no?Day with Mom 039 Day with Mom 044

Stealing a chip right off our table…Day with Mom 050

My Mom’s plate when she went to the bathroom…Day with Mom 057

After lunch, we browsed the nearby shops a bit. This one had a courtyard out back filled with interesting junk…

Day with Mom 065 Day with Mom 067 Day with Mom 069 Day with Mom 076

Day with Mom 078

{Ok, if you must know.  The shorts and belt are from J.Crew, and the shirt is from Banana Republic.  Not my most interesting outfit, which is why this doesn’t count as an outfit post.}  ;)

Day with Mom 079 Day with Mom 080

So there you have it!

My day in a nutshell.  Now if you’ll excuse, I need to go make dinner for my hungry husband. 

It’s what good wives do (I guess).  ;)


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