October 12, 2010

List of Ten Tuesday!!!

It's that time again... List of Ten Tuesday time, girls and boys!  I wanted to be sure and get this posted somewhat early to remind anyone else who might like to borrow the picture and link up today - I'm hoping to see some fun lists, ya'll! 

Remember, there are NO rules to this here game.  You may write about absolutely anything you'd like in the form of a numbered list.  Can't get to it today?   Do it tomorrow - who cares?  The point of the picture above is the delicious cupcake, not the part about Tuesday.  Try to get to ten, but if you can't, no worries!  What's important is that you express yourself, exercise your creativity, and WRITE. 

Make a list of random thoughts, make a list of ten terrible excuses for missing work like my friend Bryce did, make a list composed entirely of pictures if you're not feeling particularly eloquent today, or be like me, and make a list of the

Top Ten Reasons Why I So Should Not Be Blogging Right Now

1.  I Need To Exercise.
Often times little people such as myself feel they can get away with not exercising; however, if the heart palpitations upon ascending a short flight of stairs are any indication of my actual physical fitness, I'm in trouble.  Plus, I want to look like this:

2. We have no food and I need to begin the arduous process of searching through recipes and making my grocery list. 
I try to put this off as long as humanly possible because, frankly, I have better things to do than concern myself with how I will perform my one main role as a currently non-working housewife and thus feed my hard-working husband this week. 

That is an example of sarcasm.  I really don't have better things to do.  Except write this post.  First things first, people.

3.  I need to gather acorns.
I saw these pictures at my beloved Pottery Barn, and I figured, why not create something similar with a few of the approximately 2 million acorns that are all over my back and front yards?

4.  I need to do laundry.
This one's not meant to be funny or entertaining.  It's just the honest-to-goodness truth, and also the item on this list that makes me cringe the most.  I hate doing laundry with a bloody violent passion. 


5.  I need to catch up on new real estate listings.
Ever since the blogging bug bit me, I have majorly backed off my addiction to real estate listings.  I can hardly believe this myself, but I actually have no idea which new homes are on the market in the Austin area.  That will simply not do.

6.  I need to organize my rocks.
My extensive rock collection is getting a little out of control, and I need to come up with a better orgainzation system than just shoving them in drawers and storing them in buckets in the garage. 

Stop judging me.  Rocks are cool.

7.  I need to legally change my last name.
This is the one I'm most embarrased to include, but maybe admiting to it on the world wide interwebs will help me get my rear in gear.

Yes, I have been married 8 months and still have not gone to legally change my last name.  It just doesn't seem very fun to me. 

8.  I need to clean our floors.
This is a filler item, but very true nonetheless.  Dark hardwood floors are beautiful, but are a pain in my rear. 

Don't mind the naked woman in the background.  She hangs out by the fireplace cause she's cold.

9.  I need to choose pictures for and order the coffee table book of our wedding photos that we bought and paid for a year ago.
Here's another one I'm ashamed to admit.  Not much more to be said here, except that I'm the world's worst procrastinator.

10.  I desperately need a pedicure.
I really couldn't think of a good one for number ten, so I just thought I'd be completley honest and tell it like it is.  My current pedicure has been through two trips to the ranch AND a trip to New York.  I'm not trying to be gross, I'm just sayin.  

OK, YOUR TURN!!!  Make a list, and leave your linky in the comments!!! :) 


  1. Out of everything you posted, I think I liked "collecting acorns" and "organizing rocks" the best. Because even though I understood after I read the description, it sounds batshit crazy in the title alone. And I can certainly appreciate THAT. :)

  2. You seriously crack me up!! Your gonna need to learn to embrace laundry and cleaning...you are stuck with it my dearest! I so am in need of a Pedicure too! Oh and I totally love that Pottery Barn idea with the acorns! So lovely! <333

  3. Love your List of Ten Tuesdays, the way you write them always cracks me up!!
    One of these days I'll get aorund to actually writing one.

  4. I HATE HATE HATE HATE HATE with a passion doing laundry! I mean, I'll wash it (no big deal) but then when it comes to putting it away, I just CANT do it! You are a girl after my own heart!

  5. I did a list of ten today! Also, my to-do list looks much like your list of ten today...but blogging came first. Gotta love that! :)

  6. Don't feel bad about the wedding things lol -- the name change...kind of a pain. In FL if you change your SS you have to wait 24 hours to change your DL...yeah no one told me that. GIANT pain and waste of time sitting for my DL just to find out I couldn't because I had come straight from the ss office.
    As for the pictures -- I still haven't done this for us and tomorrow marks 7 months lol no worries =)

  7. You are too cute! :) This is the cutest little idea- and I like getting to know you more!

    I<3 the acorns idea. What a fun festive fall idea. And I love that you still collect rocks- it says you can stick to a hobby, and that's more than most of us can say!!

  8. Love your list...I need to do a couple of those things myself.

  9. If it makes you feel any better I FINALLY order our wedding albums this past June (approximately a year and 3 months post nuptuals) and I'm still waiting on them to arrive! But I did change my name within a week of us getting hitched so you're on your own on that one! ;)

  10. my mental list of things to do matches up pretty close with yours. you actually reminded me of how much i have to do. no thank you.

  11. you crack me up! i need to collect acorns too, that decoration is awesome. and ugh...blogging...i need to do a million more things!

  12. Love your list :) Those acorns are such a fun idea!

  13. um...who's the cute one now? here's my feedback. and maybe i will make a list of ten too...stay tuned. perhaps you will get yet another comment with a linky included.

    1. i have no sympathy for your slacking on the name-change process. i HAD to do mine within 3 weeks of getting back from the honeymoon to make it work for my residency applications. otherwise there'd be a dr. kreidel married to a dr. fleming and that's just too scandalous. (i'm kidding. it's not scandalous. people do it all the time. i didn't HAVE to change my name. but if i was GOING to, i HAD to change it fast.)

    2. LOVE the acorns. i have no acorns, but i do have a plethora of leaves. might try it with leaves. i'll keep you posted.

    3. i also need to do nearly everything on your list of ten. thanks for the inspiring reminder!

  14. ha! too funny! enjoyed reading this.

    don't worry about the name change. it took me forever too and it really does take a lot of time. little by little and before you know it, everything is changed!

  15. Okay, I laughed out loud, with the "collecting acorns" at first, but then when I saw those gorge pictures from Pottery Barn (le sigh, I'm going to be in debt to Pottery Barn when I get my own place!), I could understand the urge! :)
    Such a cute list - though Jillian Michaels intimidates me to death; I'm wayyyy too scared to try any of her workout DVDs. My mom tried "the shred" and couldn't move for days. Now she's in better physical shape than me though... sigh again! :) Let me know if you find an easy way to look like Jillian Michaels while eating like a contestant on Biggest Loser - I'm trying to find a healthy in between ;)
    Loveee your blog, girl!

  16. The acorn/jar candle holder is so pretty! I think I might just get a few jars, and steal this idea over the weekend! So cute!!!

    I hope you are having a great week :)

  17. Love love your list! I can seriously relate. Darn, now I want a pedicure :)

  18. Thank you for your sweet, sweet comment! Love your blog! And these are so true and btw - i'm 2 1/2 years married... still haven't changed the name... or done the book. I KNOW! Don't become me! LOL

  19. Your list looks like mine except I would cross out the rocks, acorns and real estate and add finding a psychiatrist because my kids are driving me crazy! I hope you had a great day!

  20. love your blog, glad to be a follower now & look forward to reading :)

    i should gather acorns too...love those! and i am certainly going to do a list of ten tuesday next week!!

  21. ps, i foresee a delayed name change in my future, too. why do they make it so dang hard?!

  22. Haha! I really enjoyed reading your list. Hilarious! Too bad I missed List of Ten Tuesday today. Maybe I'll catch it next week!

  23. so many of those apply to me too!

    i really like your rock collection. might start one (:

  24. You have a fab blog. Sold! I am a new follower.

  25. Thanks for stopping by my blog and becoming a follower. I love meeting new people. Happy to follow you back (Your blog is FAB!).

    By the way, I desperately need a pedicure, too.

    Have a great day!

  26. oh my, i feel like we must be living parallel lives right now!

    -i have a jar of backyard-collected acorns on my mantle
    -perusing real estate listings is one of my favorites, ever since we bought our house
    -i changed my last name a couple of months ago. it was a difficult process, but i'm so glad it's done!
    -keeping my hardwoods clean is such a task! no matter how often i sweep/dust/mop, it never seems to be enough.

    i could go on and on. i hope your day was productive!

  27. It took me 6 months to change my name! The social security office is scary...it's so not fair we have to deal with all the paperwork!

  28. The Ten Things I Should Be Doing Besides Blogging (and reading your awesome post):

    1. Grading - the dark storm cloud that follows me around all day, everyday, all quarter long. As soon as I get through one round of papers, there's another heaping pile waiting. It wouldn't be so bad if students were more invested in these assignments but trying to drum up enthusiasm for the same three stock answers to "Who is the protagonist in Twelfth Night?" makes me want to go all Oedipus on their butts and stab my eyes out.

    2. Emptying the dishwasher - no explanation needed. I just hate doing it. I prefer to view the dishwasher as merely an extension of my limited cupboard space.

    3. Reading The Frogs by Aristophanes - This is exactly as much fun as it sounds like.

    4. Transcribing interview material for my master's thesis from the digital recorder - I'm really looking forward to this one but it's still going to be time-consuming.

    5. Laundry - ditto. It just sucks. And it seems to appear magically, out of nowhere! Like, for instance, socks. Why do I feel like I JUST WASHED ten pairs? Because I did. Ten days ago.

    6. Cleaning out my inbox - I never know if I should delete emails or archive them...especially the ones from students or professors. Indubitably, the second I get rid of something, I'll need it desperately for some reason. And so instead, I just allow my inbox to grow. And grow. And grow...

    7. Choosing my term paper topic for Theatre Criticism - Just thinking about this makes me feel slightly ill. That whole catharsis (purgation through pity and fear) thing will be working for me, at least. Come finals week when no paper is in sight, all who see me will feel both pity and fear.

    8. Scrubbing the bathtub - hands down my least favorite chore.

    9. Paying bills/correspondence/filing - need I say more?

    10. My PhD application - I'm mostly putting this one off because it fills me with great fear and dread. The possibility of NOT be accepted is so scary that it's much easier to just not think about it. Sigh.

    Alright, you've motivated me! Off to be productive!

    Great list this week. :)

  29. Love your blog and the fun things to do with acorns. I wish we had some! Thanks for stopping by my blog, I'm looking forward to following yours :)

  30. I can feel Jillian staring me down from her DVD box because I haven't popped her in today. She's such a slave driver. HA!

  31. I saw those acorns TOO! If only I had a tree that dropped acorns! Ha! Your list was literally mine typed out. I am drowning in to-dos and will def link to you next tuesday! this is such a good idea!

  32. I HATE cleaning our dark wood floors too! I use Bona and a huge mop, but it is exhausting to push that thing into the ground all over the house. Seriously! I am with you!

  33. You all do AWESOME renovations!!! I want to do that to my kitchen :) I love reading your blog--great new addition to my reading list.

  34. Blogging takes over my life as well, the homework piles up, the fridge becomes barren, I sleep less, I won't even bring up the issue of doing laundry! Best of luck blogging ;)

  35. haha love this, a bunch of stuff on your list is currently on mine!! i have been so lazy with the exercising lately, i need to get my butt in gear!

  36. I LOVE this post! I can SO relate. And I to, look at pottery barn magazines daily for inspiration :) HUGS

  37. Who doesn't want to look like jillian. I thank her body is a crime and should be banned from all post moms eyes. My body will never look even close to that again. oh the humanity!


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