October 5, 2010

List of Ten Tuesday - You SO Don't Want To Miss THIS One!

Ladies and gentlemen - drumroll please - I am happy to announce that today is the day I will again bring you LIST OF TEN TUESDAY!!! I know, I know. Contain yourself. Interested in seeing my very first List of Ten Tuesday (if you haven't already)?  Check it out here.

I even made you a little picture in case you want to use it on your very own blog!  I sure would appreciate a link back to me if you do, but really, I would just be honored if someone used it at all! 

By the way, that's a cupcake from our wedding!!!  
Our photography was courtesy of Bend the Light.

Here's the rule for List of Ten Tuesday: there are no rules.  You may write about absolutely anything you want in the form of a numbered list.  Heck, there doesn't even have to be ten items.  Can't think of ten?  No problem!  Use eight!  Use twelve!  Use a hundred, for all I care!  Write about your ten biggest pet peeves, your ten blogging idols, your ten favorite ex-husbands (and if you have that many, YOU are the problem).

Or be like me, and write:
Top 10 Very Random Things About Me and/or My Life Right Now
(none of which deserve their very own post,
but all of which are certainly notable)

1. Last night we lit our fireplace for the first time this season!!!

 It was super cozy and romantic until my eyes started watering and the house started smelling funny (which, for a while,  I assumed was because I almost lit the oven on fire earlier in the evening), BUT it turned out that Matthew forgot to open the fireplace flue so smoke had been slowly filling our home with fumes.  No harm done though; we opened a ton of windows and before long we were good as new!

2. Speaking of Matthew, he has totally been holding out on me. 
A couple days ago I was complaining that it's the first fall we've been married and in our new home, and we hardly have any fall decorations so, unfortunately, I would have to go to Pottery Barn to buy some because it's an investment; and that's when he said "oh! I have some fall stuff from my old place.  It's in a box in the attic!" 

Imagine my dismay.  Fall decor from the ole bachelor days, dear?  This should be interesting.  And it was, actually.  He had some pretty good stuff, and I was like a kid in a candy store going though his box and decorating with it today.  Here's a few things I found:

 This cool fall berry stuff to put on the fireplace mantle

Some cute pumpkins 

Two big bags of pine cones, which I arranged in a bowl with some fall ribbon 

This AWESOME cornucopia, a cool little metal rake, and some colorful paper mache leaves

More orange ribbon I tied into bows, and a jack-o-lantern!

So to my husband: I apologize for doubting your fall decorating abilities.  But I still need to stop by Pottery Barn...

Which leads me right into #3...

3. I am obsessed with Pottery Barn's new fall and winter collections!!!

Just go there.

4. I adore Earl Grey tea

This doesn't need much expanding upon, except to say that there is something divine about this tea. The flavor, the aroma... simply makes me happy.  


YUM. I am making these TOMORROW!!!

6.  I HATE lunch.
That's right, I despise the meal of lunch.  It is an inconvenience, an interruption, and lunch food just overall sucks. Unless you can afford to eat out every day of your life, which very few people can.  

Although it certainly is an inconvencience and an interruption, the main reason I hate lunch is just because of lunch food overall.  You don't want to put on a big production for lunch, you don't always have leftovers, and honestly?  I am so sick to death of sandwiches that just thinking about one makes me sick.

The solution?  Breakfast.  Breakfast for lunch, that is. I love breakfast food, but I NEVER make breakfast because my husband is hungry the second he rolls out of bed whereas I need a good hour or more to slowly ease my way into the world (as I sit, glassy-eyed, clutching my cup of coffee).  Therefore, he is too impatient to wait for me to be "ready" to cook breakfast, and we both just end up eating cereal. 

Matthew is working from home right now and since lunch is a constant struggle for us, two days ago we decided to start eating breakfast for lunch.  We both love breakfast food, it can be nutritious and satisfying, and there is lots of variety to choose from.  Today we had omelettes, fruit, and toast.  See? Proof:

   Fyi, that's a spinach and ham omelette with tomato, avocado, and feta cheese on top.  Delish.

7.  I am slightly addicted to blogging.

really love to write, and I think it's especially amazing when people I don't even know stop by my blog and leave me sweet comments.  I've been blogging a few years now, but I never really knew about the whole blogging COMMUNITY until I recently started reaching out to others and found that they, in return, normally reach out right back.  It's such a thrill! Bloggers are the coolest people ever!!! :)

8.  My favorite blog?
I knew you were wondering!  My all-time favorite blog is The Glamorous Life of a Housewife

Whitney just seems so incredibly nice, and her posts are always up-beat and encouraging.  I found her blog shortly after getting married and beginning my own life as a "housewife" (for now anyway),  except I started out as more of the grumbly, grouchy kind.  I didn't exactly show my disdain for my role outwardly, but sometimes I felt disdainful inwardly.  After reading about Whitney's super-positive perspective on it all and how she literally cherishes her role, I had a major attitude adjustment.  So Whitney, if you read this: thank you!!!  I am proof that a simple blog really CAN change someone's life!

9.  I hate spiderwebs.
If you hear me screaming bloody murder and see me slapping at myself like a crazy person, it's probably because I just walked into a spiderweb.

I also sort of dislike Halloween.  I don't like ugly, scary, evil things.  Sue me.

10.  I have 575 pictures in my phone and 380 of them are of my dogs.
Yes, I counted. 
Here are a few examples:

Have a fabulous rest-of-your-Tuesday!!!  Looking forward to seeing all of YOUR lists!!! :)



  1. I am a big, big, BIG fan of breakfast for dinner--never really thought about bfast for lunch but I might give it a try (I, too, despise sandwiches and most lunch options). Love your blog and so sad to hear you had a bad time in NYC! It's frustrating how much the weather can ruin trips. :(

  2. What a fun list :) I'm ready to be able to use our fireplace! I'm loving all your fall decor! Hope you had a great day :)

  3. haha i love this- are those choc covered PEARS?? i want to know how that turns out. also, have never been to that blog! i'm going to check it out. and love your fall decor so far!

  4. Yay! You lit the fireplace! Matthew had some great fall treasures! And isn't that the throw blanket I gave you that Cooper is wearing?? Oh, well, I LOVE Cooper! xoxoxo

  5. I wish I HAD a fireplace. I would definitely be using it now. I settled for removing the window A/C unit today. Oh Chicago. You and your teeny tiny apartments.

    Love your list of ten. In the past, I've ripped off David Letterman and gone with the "Top Ten" nomenclature. Still the same idea, but seems way less original. Bravo!

  6. thank you so much for the lovely, sweet comment you left on my blog! In turn, im so glad ive now found yours, and look forward to following you also! :)

  7. Ugh I hate lunch foods, too! I really do not like sandwiches at all. If I HAD to eat a sandwich, it'd be a PB&J, but still!

    I hate spiderwebs, too! Ughhhh! BLEK.

    Love your blog, girl! :D

  8. aahaha we would totally get along...probably just show eachother our million dog pics in our phones :)

  9. I think it's adorable that your hubby had all these (and very nice I might say) Fall decorations!

    I am loving your list of Ten Tuesdays - and of course Earl Grey is my all time favorite. I could drink it all day long if I didn't refrain to one cup in the morning, and one in the afternoon!

    I am gonna start working on my list :)

  10. I'm a breakfast for dinner girl as well. Beats the hell out of slimy bologna.

  11. Way to go, Matthew, for having some really beautiful fall decor! Don't you love when your husband surprises you in the strangest ways?! My husband bought me a purse for my birthday last year and I was terrified that I would hate it (but have to wear it daily, anyway.) It turned out to be my favorite purse I own. Love them!

  12. Just wanted to say thanks for stopping by my blog :)

    That is funny that your husband had a box of fall decor already...there is no way that mine ever would!

    Walking into a spiderweb is the worst thing ever!! Just gives me the shivers thinking about it right now

  13. My list would look very much like your list!

  14. I wish MY husband had a secret stash of fab fall decor! It all looks great! As does that omelett, which is making me really hungry:-)

  15. I really like this idea. I like making lists too, but this is a different sort than my organized to-do or grocery lists.

  16. I am also a list lover so I will have to try this next week! 1) so wish we had a fireplace. it is a must have for our first home 2) love that your husband already owned some fall decor...he's got good taste! 3) also wish I could afford the entire PB catalog 4) your pups are adorable! mine also consumes the majority of my phone's photo gallery...nothing wrong with that :)

  17. I adore Earl Grey! YUM!

    But I prefer lunch over breakfast. But like y'all, I make it work for me. I just eat lunch for breakfast. Though an omelette is good any time, I say!

  18. LOVE your fall decor! Your dogs are too precious!

  19. Hey lady! Thanks so much for stopping by and for the very sweet comments! Life IS lovely, and I feel so blessed to have been able to stick it to the man and take the time off! But at the same time, I do know what you mean by feeling "disdain inwardly," I've always been very independent and it was hard at first! Anyways, can't wait to follow along with you as well!

  20. Love your blog! Your wedding pictures are gorgeous, you and your husband are too cute. So yes, this post. What I would do for a fireplace! I've ALWAYS wanted one, but you just don't see them around here much. And your dos are ADORABLE! Hope you had a great Wednesday!

  21. for my photo collage i use picnik.com you will love it i'm sure!

  22. Hi Jenni,

    Your blog is so delightful and I'm happy you stopped by on mine so I could find you :-) I read your "About Me" and now I can't wait for "The Romance" story. You and your husband are so adorable together and OMG you are so gorgeous.

    Cheers: Evi /another Earl Grey fan by the way/

  23. Such a great idea for a post! Those pears look divine. And that cupcake from your wedding?! Genius. I can't wait until it's cool enough here to light our fireplace. I don't think there is anything better than sitting in front of the fireplace with a cup of coffee and snuggling under a big, warm blanket!

  24. Everytime I read your blog I realize more things that you and I have in common.

    I'm not a fan of lunch either. It's boring and I really hate sandwiches. I'd rather skip it and have a yummy dinner. And I don't like the icky scary parts of Halloween either.

    I've read Whitney for a few years now - she's super fun. (o:

  25. Your husband kind of had amazing fall decor tucked away. Very impressed!

  26. Okay, 1) Sully was a fox, 2) Pa from LHOTP was the ultimate man, and 3) I wouldn't trust anyone who wouldn't do Danza.

    You'll get no judgment from me.

  27. Love this post! And we have so much in common. I am loving your house, and am dreaming of owning a home like yours with a fireplace (hopefully soon).

    xo M

    I am your newest follower.

  28. I am so not a fan of lunch either! And TOTALLY impressed that your hubby had all those fall decorations! Wow! Bravo! But yes a trip to Pottery Barn is still needed! Hm those pears looks so delcious! And your pups are adorable! I just recently adopted a pup and my phone is QUICKLY adding up with just pictures of him! <333

  29. Great idea! I like lists. Of ten.

  30. wow your hubs actually had great fall decorations!

    I love breakfast. and avocado is delicious.

    it was fun to read a few random facts about you.

  31. WoW...great list of 10 things!!! Your home looks GORGEOUS from what i can see. And your hubs fall decorations...i was surprised :))

    Have a wonderful weekend hun.

  32. i love the pumpkins!! so so cute

    stop by sometime <3

  33. I love PB too. I do my window shopping there and then head over to Target to find something less expensive but looks similar.
    Your dogs are so adorable. I cannot believe they let you wrap them up in blankets. Good dogs.

  34. Here is a list for you:

    1. you and your husband are absolutely gorgeous!

    2. I'm pretty sure we have the exact same rug

    3. It's both awesome and a bit strange that your husband had such great fall decorations just tucked away. Made me laugh!

    4. Breakfast for dinner...my FAV!

    5. The millions of pics of the dogs? ME TOO!!! I love our pups and we always refer to ourselves as weird dog people. I honestly love our pups more than I love most people! HA!

    Anyway, so glad you commented today...looking forward to reading along!

  35. Omg, girl - I absolutely LOVE this list. First, can I just say how impressed I am with your hubs decorations?! They are absolutely perfect!
    I adore your living room - and omg, I LOVE your pups! I'm so glad there's another person out there that loves their dogs so much they take a lot of pictures :)
    And lastly, breakfast for dinner has been a staple in my house, especially since my mom went back to work. I could eat chocolate chip pancakes EVERY single day for breakfast, lunch, and dinner!
    I ADORE your blog, girl!

  36. Live Whitney's blog! Love your blog!

  37. i just found your blog and i love it :) you and hubby are super cute!! i love this tues list you do, i think i will have to link up tomorrow :)


  38. You reall should one if this lists again in the near future. Love it. lol

    Have a nice day Jenni


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